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About Us

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Fantasy Football Pundit was created in 2016 in order to justify our passion for fantasy football.

The goal is to share the best FPL tips possible, helping managers climb the global ranks.

The primary focus is on Fantasy Premier League but we also have a lot of coverage of UCL Fantasy and international tournaments.

Our Team

Harry Kelly

Harry uses his Sports Journalism degree to get the most important information in football: Fantasy Premier League stats!

He is an FPL veteran, having played the game for over 10 years now.

As a Rotherham fan, it’s unlikely he’ll have any biases in picking his team anytime soon!

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Sam Hunt

Sam is a self-confessed FPL addict who channelled this obsession into an impressive 2,186th finish in 2021/22.

He takes an analytical approach to fantasy football, basing his team selection on data.

Outside of Fantasy Premier League, Sam spends his weekends at University of Bolton Stadium and is, you guessed it, a Bolton fan.

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Pratyush Yadav

Prat is a recent graduate with a B.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics and is an avid sports and data fan.

When it comes to fantasy football, he likes to take an analytical approach and let the data speak for itself.

Alongside his passion for sports, he enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures.

His love for football goes beyond just watching and supporting his favourite team, Real Madrid. Hence, he is pursuing an MBA in Sports Management this upcoming fall in Madrid.

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Jamie Hambleton

Jamie has impressive FPL finishes in the last two seasons, finishing 31k and 21k.

While Jamie acknowledges football is most definitely played on grass, he bases a lot of his FPL decisions on stats.

Alongside his passion for Football and FPL, he loves watching Formula 1, Snooker, and Tennis.

He also has a BSC degree in Sport Science and coaching badges, too!

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Calum Ritchie

Calum is an FPL veteran, having played the game for the better part of 10 years now.

His love of football goes beyond Fantasy Premier League as Calum is currently studying journalism at the British College of Journalism.

He supports Liverpool and Aberdeen.

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Charlie Roberts

Charlie ‘Chaza’ Roberts is an enthusiast when it comes to playing Fantasy Football.

Located in Australia, Charlie has played FPL for seven seasons and counting, dating back from the 2015/16 campaign. His highest rank finish was 32k, coming from the 2020/21 campaign.

Chaza is also an aspiring sports journalist, having recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Media and Communications degree, majoring in journalism and sports journalism.

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What Fantasy Premier League Tips Do We Offer?

Our FPL tips include the following:

Do You Offer Personalised Fantasy Premier League Help?

Yes. Contact us on any of our social media channels and we’ll give you the best Fantasy Premier League tips we can.

If it’s specifically about your FPL team don’t forget to share a screenshot!

Can I Write for Fantasy Football Pundit?

Maybe. We only offer the highest quality Fantasy Premier League tips so it depends on whether you can provide that. You can read more on our Write For Us page.

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