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Fantasy Football Pundit

Fantasy Football Pundit provides weekly fixture analysis, accurate team news/predicted lineups, best captain choices, live data tables, strategy and discussion to get you ahead in FPL. Been a popular resource for fantasy managers since 2016.

There is nothing more important in Fantasy Premier League than goals and there is no position that scores more of them than forwards. Admittedly they get less points per goal, and have no clean sheet prospects, but nevertheless a strong forward line is imperative in FPL. 3 of the top 6 point scorers in last …

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There is no position in Fantasy Premier League that scores more points than midfielders. This is why many FPL managers spend relatively more on their midfield than elsewhere. With the increased point scoring potential of midfielders, and the fact many essentially play as a forward anyway, selecting the right ones is paramount to success in …

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