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Best Budget Players in EURO 2024 Fantasy

In EURO 2024 fantasy, you have €100m to spend on your squad, and while that might sound a lot, you’ll need to find some cheap players to afford the likes of Mbappe and others.

There are plenty of €4m defenders and €6m midfielders and forwards to choose from, but can any of them get you points?

Well, some budget players look enticing. Here are the best cheap players to pick in EURO 2024 fantasy football.

Maximillian Mittelstadt (Germany)

  • Position: Defender
  • Price: €4m
  • Picked By: 22%
  • Fixtures: Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

Mittelstadt is the budget defender of choice and justifiably so.

The German left-back is a certain starter in MD1 against Scotland in MD1.

Although he has only four caps to his name, he has started each of Germany’s last four matches.

Mittelstadt also boasts relatively good attacking returns, with 2 goals and 4 assists for VfB Stuttgart this season in the Bundesliga, in addition to his one goal for Germany already.

His closest competition, David Raum, hasn’t started an international game since June 2023.

Maxim De Cuyper (Belgium)

  • Position: Defender
  • Price: €4.5m
  • Picked By: 1%
  • Fixtures: Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine

After Arthur Theate’s injury, De Cuyper emerged as an intriguing pick.

He isn’t as cheap an option as Mittelstadt, who, given his likelihood of starting and fixtures, is seemingly a better pick, but he certainly has the differential advantage.

The Club Brugge left-back also has excellent attacking numbers. Across all competitions he has provided 15 assists this season!

There’s an outside chance Jan Vertonghen is preferred at left back for his experience, but if you want an attacking left back who’s likely to start and is a differential to boot, then De Cuyper is the pick.

Jorginho (Italy)

  • Position: Italy
  • Price: €5m
  • Picked By: 17%
  • Fixtures: Albania, Spain, Croatia

Some managers will think Jorginho is a wasted pick, but at €5m, he provides good value.

He’s a likely starter in the Italian midfield and should be on penalties, too.

His attacking output has a ceiling, but if Italy get even one penalty, he’ll prove a worthy pick.

Italy also feature in Group B, which means that should Jorginho or any of their players not perform, they can easily be substituted.

Giorgi Chakvetadze (Georgia)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Price: €4.5m
  • Picked By: 7%
  • Fixtures: Turkey, Czech Republic, Portugal

Chakvetadze is a risky pick whose only real selling point is his €4.5m price tag and certain starting berth.

The Georgian midfielder has 8 international goals and 8 assists, but that has primarily been against weaker opposition.

He also features in Group F, which means you can’t sub him out should he not return.

He’s a popular pick at 7%, which is why we’ve featured him, but there are better budget midfielders out there with the aforementioned Jorginho being one of them.

Ondrej Duda (Slovakia)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Price: €6m
  • Picked By: 0%
  • Fixtures: Belgium, Ukraine, Romania

Duda is a mainstay in the Slovakia team, priced at €6m, and expected to take penalties. That’s three good reasons to pick him.

Furthermore, he is selected by less than 1% of EURO fantasy managers, making him a potentially great differential.

Of course, there are stronger players to choose from, but if Slovakia performs as they did in the qualifiers, then Duda might prove an astute pick.

One thing to note is that Slovakia are in Group E, so it would be wise to have a midfielder from Group F ready to replace him.

Adam Cerin (Slovenia)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Price: €5m
  • Picked By: 1%
  • Fixtures: Denmark, Serbia, England

Cerin isn’t as good a pick as Duda, but he is €1m cheaper at €5m.

His attacking returns in the Greek League aren’t good, so don’t expect miraculous hauls.

However, he will start and is in Group C, so returns from him aren’t imperative.

If you don’t like Jorginho’s 17% pick rate, Cerin is a fair pick; otherwise, like Chakvetadze, there are definitely better options.

Lamine Yamal (Spain)

  • Position: Forward
  • Price: €6.5m
  • Picked By: 14%
  • Fixtures: Croatia, Italy, Albania

Unfortunately, budget forwards are few and far between. The best of them seems to be Lamal, who is 16 years old.

He isn’t guaranteed to start (our EURO 2024 predicted lineups has him at 60%), but he is in Group B.

Notably, he has started 3 of Spain’s last 4 matches, assisting twice in each of the games he did start.

There are many great forward options, so using one on a young, not certain starter is a risk. Nevertheless, if you’re spending your budget elsewhere and need a cheap striker, Yamal is the choice.

Horatiu Moldovan (Romania)

  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Price: €4m
  • Picked By: 2%
  • Fixtures: Ukraine, Belgium, Slovakia

Finally, those of you looking for a budget goalkeeper, look no further than Moldovan.

The €4m Romanian has started 2 of the last 4 matches for Romania but, more importantly, started the last competitive games for them.

He also has decent fixtures against relatively defensive teams, which could produce clean sheets.

Romania are in Group E, but if you pair him with Diogo Costa, for example, you would even be able to sub him out.