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FPL GW35 Best Captain: Anyone but Haaland?

The best FPL captain is becoming a little repetitive these days thank to one Erling Haaland.

We discuss who is the best captain for GW35.

Erling Haaland

  • Fixture: Leeds (H)
  • Anytime goal: 74%
  • Predicted points: 7.0

Erling Haaland (£12.4m) has 35 goals and 8 assists this season with an xG of 29.3 (1st).

He has now broken the all time Premier League top scorer record that stood for 28 years.

His season has been astonishing and he is now only 46 points away from breaking the all-time FPL points record (303).

Man City have the most favourable fixture in GW35 against Leeds who have conceded the most goals in the league (67) from an xGC of 60.8 (18th).

City have scored 87 goals (1st) with an xG of 73.6 (1st) proving they are the best attack in the league. Of these goals, Haaland has been involved in 43 of them, giving him a 49% goal involvement rate (1st).

In the reverse fixture City’s talisman scored 2 goals and received maximum bonus points.

The Norwegian is this week’s favourite to score anytime and unsurprisingly tops the Fantasy Football Pundit predicted points model with a projection of 7.9 points.

Simply put, he is clearly the best GW35 captain pick.

Harry Kane

  • Fixture: Crystal Palace (H)
  • Anytime goal: 49%
  • Predicted points: 5.6

Harry Kane (£11.4m) is having an immensely consistent season.

He has now registered 25 goals and 8 assists with an xG of 20.7 (3rd) and an xA of 7.1 (1st).

The Englishmen is the 2nd highest scorer in the game just 32 points behind Erling Haaland.

Spurs have managed 63 goals this season (4th) with an xG of . Kane has scored 40% of all Spurs’ goals and been involved in a massive 52% of them.

He is also ranked 6th on the player form table with 43 points in his last 6 games. Averaging 7.2 points.

Kane is the team’s talisman, has both goal and assist potential and is on penalties.

This bodes well and makes Kane the differential captain this week if you are going against Haaland.

To summarise if you have Haaland and you’re not chasing rank, captain him.

The alternatives are Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane.