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Best Forwards to Pick in UCL Fantasy 2021/22, Premium, Budget

Fantasy football is all about goals and UCL Fantasy is no different. There is no better place to look for goals than strikers, so here are the best Champions League Fantasy forwards.

Best Premium Forwards

The best premium forwards in UCL Fantasy 2021/22 are Erling Haaland, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski.

Premium forwards are considered to be any player to be priced €10.0m or more.

This bracket includes many of the best players in the world and choosing only 3 will be a difficult task for Champions League Fantasy managers.

Player Club Price Pick %
Erling Haaland Dortmund €11.0m 62%
Cristiano Ronaldo Man Utd €11.0m 50%
Lionel Messi PSG €11.0m 23%
Robert Lewandowski Bayern Munich €11.5m 14%

Erling Haaland

If you haven’t heard of Haaland by now you’ve been living under a rock. He is currently the most owned player in the game at 62%.

With a ridiculous 12 goals for club and country already this season, Haaland comes very close to essential.

In last season’s Champions League he had 10 goals and 2 assists in 724 minutes. He should dominate Group C and will return plenty of points making him one of the best options in the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The highest goalscorer in Champions League history, Ronaldo is high on the premium forward list for a reason.

He is currently 50% owned and may not have had the best season last year. However, he is now playing for a more attacking team in Man Utd which cements his as a great option.

Furthermore, Group F is Manchester United’s group for the taking and Ronaldo should be in the goals (as he was in his return back to Old Trafford).

Lionel Messi

Messi is once again another great UCL Fantasy premium option but this time around he’s playing for PSG.

How far forward he’ll play for Paris is yet to be seen, after only making a substitute appearance against Reims. With that said though, his form isn’t in question, following a fantastic hat-trick against Bolivia in the international break.

PSG offer two other premium options also – Kylian Mbappe (€10.5m) and Neymar (€10.5m). They are both €0.5m cheaper and while it’s going to be tough watching PSG without them, it’s even tougher to ignore Messi.

We haven’t seen how PSG are going to lineup yet with their new front 3 but if Mbappe is playing up top, he may be an even better option as he is incredible form right now.

PSG are going to score, and you will want at least someone from their front 3.

For what it’s worth Mbappe hasn’t missed a penalty for PSG in over two seasons now but if Messi wants the penalty there are few who are going to argue with him.

Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski is unquestionably one of the best strikers in the world, and maybe even the best.

His goal numbers and consistency is remarkable. He already has 8 goals to his name in 5 Bayern Munich appearances this season. Moreover, he has scored at least 40 goals for Bayern in each of the last 6 seasons.

Consequently, he is the most expensive player in UCL Fantasy, and based on the above perhaps justifiably so.

Bayern start off with a tough fixture on paper away to Barcelona but even then there’s a 57% chance he finds the back of the net.

The German champions then face Dynamo Kiev and Benfica (home and away) in MD2 through to MD5. Not having Lewandowski in this time could be painful but then again there are a lot of players the same could be said for.

Best Mid-Priced Forwards

The best mid-range forwards in Champions League Fantasy 2021/22 are Diogo Jota, Thomas Muller, Memphis Depay and Youssef En-Nesyri.

We consider the mid-price range bracket to be anywhere from €8.0m to €9.5m. If you decide to not go with 3 premiums, this bracket is key to understand.

Player Club Price Pick %
Diogo Jota Liverpool €8.0m 7%
Thomas Muller Bayern Munich €9.5m 1%
Memphis Depay Barcelona €8.5m 18%
Youssef En-Nesyri Sevilla €8.5m 2%

Diogo Jota

Jota was a solid pick in UCL Fantasy last year as he played a lot of games in the competition for Liverpool.

He had 4 goals and 1 assist in the Champions League last year, which is good value for €8.0m.

However, his spot is always under threat from Firmino but with the news confirming the Brazilian will be out for a few weeks he is a very enticing pick.

Playing in between Salah and Mane, he is going to get a lot of chances and will put up points.

Thomas Muller

It feels as though Muller has been around forever, but he is still producing and starting for one of the best offensive teams in Europe in Bayern Munich.

Unknown to some, Muller has the 9th most goals in Champions League history.

At €9.5m he may be slightly too high for many to select, especially when you consider the premium options are only €1.5m more.

Memphis Depay

Barcelona’s new striker, Depay showed in EURO 2020 he is a top-class striker.

Barca are a team in transition and don’t find themselves in the easiest of group. Nevertheless, they will be expected to qualify behind Bayern and the likes of Depay could haul against Dynamo Kiev.

At his €8.5m price tag, he enables funds to be spent elsewhere and could, theoretically, perform as a premium forward.

Youssef En-Nesyri

One mid-priced forward that is flying under the radar is En-Nesyri.

He scored 6 goals in last season’s Champions League and has started the season in decent domestic form with 2 goals in 3 La Liga appearances.

Sevilla find themselves in a favourable group and are favourites to win Group G. This only adds to En-Nesyri’s appeal.

Furthermore, he is picked by only 2% of UCL Fantasy managers. So, if you’re looking for a good forward in form, with favourable fixtures and a differential to-boot then El-Nesyri is your man.

Best Budget Forwards

The best budget forwards in the 2021/22 Champions League Fantasy are Olivier Giroud and Martin Braithwaite.

The cheapest forwards in UCL Fantasy are €5.0m, so we’re considering any forwards from this price to €7.5m to be budget.

There aren’t too many good options in this category, hence their price, but with a budget of €100.0m your hand my be forced.

Olivier Giroud

Former Chelsea striker, Giroud is a great option in the budget range.

AC Milan have started the season strong and Giroud already looks to be in good form. He has scored in the league and appears their preferred striker.

The Frenchman was in quarantine for this weekend’s match but tested negative and should be back for the mid-week game.

An even cheaper AC Milan option is Brahim Diaz (€6.0m) although don’t expect too much at this price point.

Martin Braithwaite

As with Depay, Braithwaite is playing for an underwhelming Barcelona team this year.

He does however find himself starting upfront and regardless of the current team, a Barcelona striker starting for €6.0m is amazing value.

The Catalans have Bayern Munich to contend with, as previously mentioned, but should Braithwaite continue to start then he’s certainly a top budget forward.

It has now been reported Braithwaite is a doubt for MD1.