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Best Goalkeepers to Pick in EURO 2024 Fantasy

Goalkeepers are unique in that, unlike other positions in EURO 2024 fantasy, the two you select must work together.

It’s essential that the two GKs you choose play on different days. If they played on the same day you wouldn’t be able to sub one for the other, which would be nonsensical.

So, there are two main strategies you can employ:

  1. Buy two premium goalkeepers, if it doesn’t hurt your team elsewhere
  2. Buy one budget goalkeeper and then have a premium one that plays after the budget GK

Goalkeepers get points by keeping a clean sheet, making saves, and saving penalties.

Saving penalties is rare and saves are hard to predict, so you’ll primarily be looking at their clean sheet likelihood.

With that said, here are the best goalkeeper picks in EURO 2024 fantasy.

Manuel Neuer (Germany)

  • Price: €6m
  • Picked by: 15%
  • Fixtures: Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

Neuer is one of two goalkeepers priced at €6m in EURO 2024 fantasy.

That’s a lot of money to spend on a goalkeeper but there is some justification to do so with Neuer.

By far, Germany has the best clean sheet odds over the first two matchdays. They average 55% whereas second place, England, comes in at 45%.

Furthermore, Germany face Switzerland in MD3 which is another fixture they’ll be capable of keeping a clean sheet in.

The downside to Neuer is that Germany features in Group A, meaning they play first. Therefore, depending on your strategy, you’ll need another good goalkeeper or rely on your budget secondary option.

Jordan Pickford (England)

  • Price: €5m
  • Picked by: 23%
  • Fixtures: Serbia, Denmark, Slovenia

The team that has the second best clean sheet odds over MD1 and MD2 is England, hence why Pickford is next on the list.

The Everton goalkeeper does have one big advantage over Neuer and that’s he’s priced at a generous €5m, €1m cheaper.

England are the favourites for EURO 2024 and as such many managers will want to triple up on them.

Selecting Pickford does limit you to two outfield England players so that is something to consider.

Diogo Costa (Portugal)

  • Price: €5m
  • Picked by: 10%
  • Fixtures: Czech Republic, Turkey, Georgia

Portugal are close to England for clean sheet odds over MD1 and MD2 (44%) and, like Pickford, Costa is a fair €5m.

They also boast an excellent MD3 fixture against Georgia.

Costa isn’t as certain of a starter as Neuer and Pickford – our EURO 2024 predicted lineups has him at 80%.

However, he is picked by just 8%, so should he outperform Neuer and Pickford it would do wonders for your overall ranking.

Perhaps most importantly, Portugal features in Group F, meaning they play last in each of the first 3 matchdays.

So, Costa is a premium goalkeeper that allows you to take a risk on a differential earlier in the matchday.

Andriy Lunin (Ukraine)

  • Price: €4.5m
  • Picked by: 18%
  • Fixtures: Romania, Slovakia, Belgium

Ukraine are far from tournament favourites but they do have a decent group. They also don’t play the best team in the group, Belgium, until MD3.

They only conceded a goal a game in qualifying in a group that included England and Italy.

Moreover, Romania and Slovakia only scored 33 goals between them in qualifying in groups that did include ‘easy’ opponents.

Lunin is a cheaper goalkeeping option, at €4.5m, but he is the third highest picked GK in EURO 2024 fantasy as of writing.

Etrit Berisha (Albania)

  • Price: €4m
  • Picked by: 1%
  • Fixtures: Italy, Croatia, Spain

Albania are the least likely team to win EURO 2024, sharing a group with Croatia, Italy, and Spain. So, why would we suggest their keeper for the fantasy game?

It’s simple, he’s one of the only starting goalkeepers (70% chance start) who costs €4m.

Also, Albania are in Group B which means you essentially get a free hit on their players.

Italy score 5 against them in their game, no problem, sub him out.

But, if he saves a penalty or they do somehow keep a clean sheet then you’ve found yourself a great differential for minimum cost.

Horatiu Moldovan (Romania)

  • Price: €4m
  • Picked by: 1%
  • Fixtures: Ukraine, Belgium, Slovakia

Moldovan is the only other apparent €4m starting goalkeeper.

The upside to him over Berisha is he’s more likely to start (90%) but the downside is Romania are in Group E.

That means if you do select, and play, Moldovan then you will need stick with him. That’s unless you pair him with Costa or someone else from Group F.