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Best Midfielders to Pick in UCL Fantasy 2021/22 – Premium, Budget

UCL Fantasy requires you to select 5 midfielders and we’re here to help you pick the best players. Picking the right midfielders is imperative because if chosen wisely you can often find yourself with some of the most potent attackers period.

Players range from top goal scorers and playmakers to budget ball recovery enablers. Midfield is an important position to get right early.

This article will list the best premium, mid-priced and budget midfielders to select from. For those of you who want to try something a little different in your UCL Fantasy teams, we’ll also share a few differentials.

Best Premium Midfielders

The best premium midfielders in Champions League Fantasy 2021/22 are Mohamed Salah, Bruno Fernandes, Kai Havertz, Serge Gnabry and Federico Chiesa.

For midfielders the premium price range is €8.5m and above. This is an important bracket to understand as managers need to decide how many premiums are worth the price in this range.

Player Club Price Pick %
Mohamed Salah Liverpool €10.5m 22%
Bruno Fernandes Man Utd €10.5m 16%
Kai Havertz Chelsea €9.0m 3%
Serge Gnabry Bayern Munich €10.0m 1%
Federico Chiesa Juventus €9.0m 6%

Mohammed Salah

FPL managers know first hand just how ‘essential’ Salah is. He is a world class offensive player, who is on penalties, for a top club in Europe.

Group B includes Atletico Madrid, Porto, and AC Milan. This may not be the easiest group but Liverpool are title contenders and Salah can score in any game he plays. He is a great pick and will be a captain option each matchday.

Salah is currently the 5th most owned midfield player at 22%. His €10.5m price tag is also very reasonable.

Bruno Fernandes

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo may put managers off this pick. Yes, Ronaldo is a star and will probably be on penalties but Bruno is one of the best playmakers in Europe who is now setting up a world class finisher.

Manchester United should top Group F with plenty of returns coming to the Portuguese star.

Naturally rotation between domestic and European games needs to be considered but he did frequently feature in both last season.

Kai Havertz

Havertz plays in a somewhat forward role to the extent he could even be considered OOP. This makes the German a top selection.

He is one of the most creative players Chelsea possesses and he is now setting up players like Romelu Lukaku.

The only issue with Havertz is Chelsea may have Group H wrapped up early, which could impact his minutes. This is in addition to the natural rotation top teams will implement.

Serge Gnabry

Serge Gnabry is currently only 1% owned and has a fairly large price tag. However, he is playing in the midfield behind Lewandowski and when he starts, he returns.

In 3 games for Bayern this year, he already has 2 goals and has looked very attacking.

Bayern are one of the favourites to win the Champions League and with his goal threat and ability to set up a world class striker such a Lewandowski, he may be the differential to boost ranks.

Federico Chiesa

Managers who played Euro 2020 Fantasy will understand the impact Chiesa had to the success of Italy. The Italian started the tournament as an impact substitute and ended up being a starter by tournaments end.

He was also a great performer in last year’s UCL Fantasy.

Opportunities have opened at Juventus for him to play regularly and he looks poised to take advantage.

Chiesa is now rated as doubtful for Juventus’ away clash in Malmo.

Best Mid-Priced Midfielders

The best mid-priced midfielders in UCL Fantasy 2021/22 are Jack Grealish, Mason Mount, Ferran Torres, Casemiro and Kingsley Coman.

The mid-priced range is £6.5m- £8m and includes a number of tempting options. Selecting the right players in this bracket could allow managers to afford higher priced players in other positions.

Player Club Price Pick %
Jack Grealish Man City €8.0m 5%
Mason Mount Chelsea €7.5m 14%
Ferran Torres Man City €7.5m 9%
Casemiro Real Madrid €6.5m 10%
Kingsley Coman Bayern Munich €8.5m 0%

Jack Grealish

€8.0m for a player that costs £100m seems like a good deal. He is already looking like one of Man City’s more important players and Manchester City and Pep have one main goal this year, win the Champions League.

Grealish was brought in to help and even with Pep roulette, he should be a great option for the group stage. He finds himself playing in the front 3, and even though he only has a few assists so far this year, he will be a primary points producer in this bracket.

Mason Mount

Mason Mount may not jump off the stat sheet but he is a very consistent. In Group H, Chelsea are going to score goals meaning Mount is going to get points. Like Havertz, he has great players around him and is one of the best passers in Europe.

For a cheaper price, Mount could be an alternative to Havertz, but doesn’t possess the same goal threat the German does.

Ferran Torres

Another Manchester City player but another Pep roulette candidate. The benefit of Torres is he is playing in the middle of a front 3 for a real Champions League title contender. If this is to continue, with the quality of players around him, Torres could be a steal at €7.5m.

A negative about Torres however is Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden still haven’t returned from injury, adding two more threats to Torres position.

Phil Foden (€8.0m) did lead all midfielders in points last season and could be the best Manchester City option when he returns from injury. But again, Pep roulette.


Casemiro is more known from his defensive attributes than his offense. However this is where the UCL Fantasy game differs from FPL.

He finished 8th in midfield scoring last season and only had 1 goal and 1 assist. He did however have 86 ball recoveries for 25 points.

Casemiro does love a yellow card but with Real Madrid’s group, they should comfortably move on with the Real Madrid ever-present doing his thing. That is picking up ball recoveries and the odd offensive return. At his price, he is great value.

Kingsley Coman

When Coman plays, he gets points, and knowing you can see starting lineups helps solidify him as a solid pick.

In 562 minutes, last season, he finished with 3 goals and 3 assists and is always threatening.

Playing for a team like Bayern and with his offensive ability, Coman could be a great pick as long as he starts in the group stage.

It should be noted Coman is a doubt for MD1.

Best Budget Midfielders

The best budget midfielders for the 2021/22 Champions League Fantasy game are N’Golo Kante, Jorginho, Mahmoud Dahoud, Edson Alvarez and Federico Valverde.

The budget priced range is £4.5m-£6m and could be the most important for managers. Picking budget enablers, that can get consistent points, is key to success.

These names certainly won’t jump off the page but points for ball recoveries you can expect to pick up some points.

Player Club Price Pick %
N’Golo Kante Chelsea €5.5m 22%
Jorginho Chelsea €6.0m 32%
Mahmoud Dahoud Dortmund €5.5m 2%
Edson Alvarez Ajax €4.5m 54%
Federico Valverde Real Madrid €6.0m 5%

N’Golo Kante

Kante is not the most offensive player but for his price, he becomes a valuable enabler that will get managers points regardless of offensive returns.

Last season, he had 56 ball recoveries in 753 minutes played, for a total of 16 points, great value for his price tag.

He is currently owed by 22% of UCL Fantasy managers. At one point he was selected by over 50%!

To what will be undoubtedly the surprise to many, Kante was the 14th highest midfielder for points in last season’s UCL Fantasy.

Anyone picking him for MD1 beware, he is a doubt to feature against Zenit.


Much like Kante, Jorginho’s price and the fact he plays for Chelsea make him an attractive option.

The major advantage for Jorginho is that he is on penalties (not sure if that’s the case anymore with Lukaku) and he does get similar ball recovery points to Kante.

Mahmoud Dahoud

Playing in Group C, Dortmund has a real chance at topping their group.

He isn’t fully nailed, but for his price, and Dortmund’s group stage fixtures, he looks a solid pick.

Per minute played, the German international actually averaged more points than Kante last season. In addition to this he is also picked by just 2% which makes him an interesting budget differential.

Edson Alvarez

Alvarez is a starting midfielder priced at £4.5m and plays for a decent team in Ajax.

He has popped up with a goal already this year. Nevertheless, managers should not expect many offensive returns from Alvarez. He is a player to rely on for ball recoveries only.

He is currently 54% owned in the game.

Federico Valverde

Valverde is an up and coming player for Real Madrid that should be considered. With the transfers Real made in the summer, it has opened up an opportunity for Valverde.

Following MD1, he plays Sheriff and Shakhtar Donetsk twice. He could be a steal at his price if he rises to the occasion.

With that said though, he only has 5 goals to his name in 105 Real Madrid appearances – all of which came in the league.

Best Differential Midfielders

Differentials are players picked by a small percentage of managers. Their low pick rate enables you to ascend the ranks should they pick up points, hence the term differential.

Players are generally considered a differential option if picked by 10% or less but given the sheer amount of players in UCL Fantasy we’re looking at players selected by 3% or less.

Ivan Perisic

Perisic is a solid option for this year’s Champions’ League group stage. He may be a little overpriced at €8m but he is the one of Inter’s primary creators.

He is currently 0% owned and will play both Shakhtar Donetsk and Sheriff twice, increasing his chances for points.

Sergio Oliveira

Sergio Oliveira, also picked by 0%, scored 5 goals in last year’s Champions League and is on penalties for a Porto.

He is not cheap (€8.0m) but he is Porto’s source of points and should certainly be considered at this price and pick percentage.