Double Gameweek 2017 – Players to Pick

Double Gameweek 2017 Aguero Hazard

Double Gameweek 2017 – Taking Shape

Now the FA Cup fifth round fixtures are in the books, Double Gameweek 2017 is starting to take shape. As a result we know which teams are guaranteed to have at least one Double Gameweek. Therefore we can now start planning which players are likely to be the most prominent and effective in Double Gameweek 2017. We will list who are likely to be the most sought after players, their potential fixtures and when they could be. For the purpose of this article we will assume Double Gameweeks will occur in Gameweeks 34 and 37.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


  • Gameweek 34 Fixture: Burnley (a)
  • Gameweek 37 Fixture: Tottenham (a)
  • Fixtures to be rescheduled: Man City (a) and Southampton (a)


Whilst Man Utd are one of the few teams that are guaranteed two Double Gameweeks, the first thing that stands out with Ibrahimovic, and other Man Utd players, is their Double Gameweeks are comprised of two away fixtures. On top of this Tottenham (a) and Man City (a) are two of the most difficult fixtures in the Premier League season. This shouldn’t be enough to deter you from Ibrahimovic and Man Utd players though. Ibrahimovic is the third most expensive player in FPL at a costly £11.5m. However, his current form and the fact he is on penalties may make him a must have player.

Eden Hazard and Diego Costa


  • Gameweek 34 Fixture: Southampton (H)
  • Gameweek 37 Fixture: West Brom (a)
  • Fixtures to be rescheduled: Watford (H)


Whichever Gameweek Chelsea’s home fixture to Watford gets rescheduled to creates an attractive Double Gameweek for Chelsea. Hazard and Costa are Chelsea’s most sought after players and there isn’t a lot between them when it comes to potential FPL point scoring. Both are certain starters and whilst Costa is the greater goal threat, Hazard is on penalties and has a greater propensity to score more points being a midfielder. You can expect both of these players to be picked by many FPL managers come Chelsea’s Double Gameweek.

Alexis Sanchez


  • Gameweek 34 Fixture: Sunderland (H)
  • Gameweek 37 Fixture: Stoke (a)
  • Fixtures to be rescheduled: Southampton (a) and Leicester (H)


Unlike Man Utd, Arsenal’s Double Gameweeks, whichever way their unscheduled fixtures fall, are going to be two tantalizing Double Gameweeks. When deciding which Arsenal player to bring in Sanchez is at the forefront. He has amassed 183 points, the most in FPL this season and 78 more than Arsenal’s second highest scorer, Laurent Koscielny. He is seemingly on penalties when Olivier Giroud isn’t on the pitch also. Despite being priced at £11.6m (as of 26/02) he may be a player you have to get in your team if at all possible.

Sergio Aguero


  • Gameweek 27 Fixture: Sunderland (a)
  • Gameweek 34 Fixture: West Brom (H)
  • Gameweek 37 Fixture: Leicester (H)
  • Fixtures to be rescheduled: Man Utd (H) and Stoke (H)*

*Stoke (H) to be postponed and rescheduled in Gameweek 27 should Man City go through against Huddersfield in FA Cup fifth round replay.


With Jesus sidelined for the foreseeable future and Aguero looking as prolific as ever, Aguero will be in a lot of FPL manager’s plans when the Double Gameweeks roll around. Despite by his standards as having a shaky season thus far he has still accrued 94 points (4.9 points per game). Other prominent Man City options include Kevin De Bruyne, a consistent starter with 122 points to his name. KDB is costly however at a current price of £10.5m. Elsewhere there is the cheaper Yaya Toure whose penalty taking duties will attract some FPL managers. And finally, those of you wanting a real differential option may consider Leroy Sane (£7.5m) who has recently found himself in the starting 11 and playing well.

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