Fantasy Premier League Double Gameweek Schedule

Double Gameweeks are a vital part of Fantasy Premier League. They consist of teams having more than one fixture in a given Gameweek.

Naturally this presents a great opportunity to garner more points. It’s also important to know when these Double Gameweeks are coming ahead of time so you can prepare your team accordingly.

The number of Double Gameweeks in a season depends on various factors. The 2020/21 season is, of course, a unique one for obvious reasons.

Confirmed Double Gameweek(s)

Gameweek 32:

  • Tottenham: Everton (a) and Southampton (H)

As more are confirmed you’ll be able to find them listed on our Fantasy Premier League Fixture Difficulty Matrix page.

Potential Double Gameweeks

Gameweek 35 and 37 are where we will likely see postponed fixtures rescheduled.

Current Postponed Unscheduled Fixtures

The following fixtures were scheduled to be played earlier in the season but were postponed.

  • Aston Villa vs Everton
  • Crystal Palace vs Southampton

These will all need to be played as part of a Double Gameweek.

Could there be a Triple Gameweek?

FPL managers love a Double Gameweek but a Triple Gameweek would really generate some excitement. Unsurprisingly they are a very rare occurrence but given the tight schedule, the already postponed fixtures and the potential for more, a Triple Gameweek is possible.

Aston Villa and Everton are two fixtures behind. They could be forced to play any outstanding fixtures very close to one another.

Elsewhere, Man City are still battling in all competitions and could therefore be contenders for one. They have played 30 league matches already, though.