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Double Gameweek Schedule Fantasy Premier League

Page last updated: 24 March 2023

A double gameweek is a vital part of Fantasy Premier League. It consists of teams having more than one fixture in a given Gameweek.

This isn’t to be confused with having multiple GWs in one week.

Sometimes there are midweek GWs. These do not constitute a double gameweek – only when at least one team has two fixtures within one GW.

Many managers will want to know when the DGWs will occur in FPL 2022/23, so we try to shed some light on that below.

Naturally, DGWs present a great opportunity to garner more points. It’s also important to know when these double gameweeks are coming ahead of time so you can prepare your team accordingly.

The number of double gameweeks in a season depends on various factors.

It’s unlikely the 2022/23 Premier League season will have as many postponements as 2021/22 but it certainly can’t be ruled out.

Confirmed Double Gameweek

Any teams listed below will play twice in that gameweek.


  • Aston Villa:
    • Chelsea (a)
    • Leicester (a)
  • Bournemouth:
    • Fulham (H)
    • Brighton (H)
  • Brentford:
    • Brighton (a)
    • Man Utd (a)
  • Brighton:
    • Brentford (H)
    • Bournemouth (a)
  • Chelsea:
    • Aston Villa (H)
    • Liverpool (H)
  • Leeds:
    • Arsenal (a)
    • Notts Forest (H)
  • Leicester:
    • Crystal Palace (a)
    • Aston Villa (H)
  • Liverpool:
    • Man City (a)
    • Chelsea (a)
  • Man Utd:
    • Newcastle (a)
    • Brentford (H)
  • Newcastle:
    • Man Utd (H)
    • West Ham (a)
  • West Ham:
    • Southampton (H)
    • Newcastle (H)


  • Brighton:
    • Wolves (H)
    • Man Utd (H)
  • Fulham:
    • Man City (H)
    • Liverpool (a)
  • Liverpool:
    • Tottenham (H)
    • Fulham (a)
  • Man City:
    • Fulham (a)
    • West Ham (H)
  • Man Utd:
    • Aston Villa (H)
    • Brighton (a)
  • West Ham:
    • Crystal Palace (a)
    • Man City (a)

You can also find all confirmed DGW fixtures on our Fantasy Premier League fixture difficulty matrix page.

Potential Double Gameweek

Due to fixture schedules it can often be determined ahead of time where double gameweeks will fall.

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When this information becomes apparent for the 2022/23 season we will share potential (but not confirmed) double gameweeks here.

Given the current 2022/23 fixture schedule we can expect double gameweeks in the following:

  • GW37

Meanwhile, these fixtures will blank in the following gameweeks:

  • GW32 – FA Cup semi-finals
    • Brighton vs Man City
    • Man Utd vs Chelsea

Current Postponed Fixtures

  • GW7: Bournemouth vs Brighton – rearranged for GW29
  • GW7: Leeds vs Nottingham Forest – rearranged for GW29
  • GW7: Leicester vs Aston Villa – rearranged for GW29
  • GW7: West Ham vs Newcastle – rearranged for GW29
  • GW8: Chelsea vs Liverpool – rearranged for GW29
  • GW25: Man Utd vs Brentford – rearranged for GW29
  • GW25: Newcastle vs Brighton
  • GW28: Brighton vs Man Utd – rearranged for GW34
  • GW28: Liverpool vs Fulham – rearranged for GW34
  • GW28: Man City vs West Ham – rearranged for GW34
  • GW32: Brighton vs Man City
  • GW32: Man Utd vs Chelsea

All postponed fixtures will be posted here.

They will need to be scheduled at a future date which means they will be part of a double gameweek.

Teams With Most Postponed Fixtures

Here are the total number of postponements for each team (not including those already rescheduled):

3 Fixtures Postponed

  • Brighton

2 Fixtures Postponed

  • Man City
  • Man Utd

1 Fixture Postponed

  • Chelsea
  • Fulham
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • West Ham

Double Gameweek History


There were a massive 10 double gameweeks in FPL 2021/22.

They were in GW22, GW23, GW26, GW28, GW29, GW31, GW33, GW34, GW36 and GW37.


There were 4 double gameweeks in Fantasy Premier League 2020/21.

These came in GW19, GW24, GW26 and GW35.

Triple Gameweek

FPL managers love a double gameweek but a triple gameweek really generates some excitement. Unsurprisingly they are a rare occurrence.

For example, Man Utd had a triple gameweek in the 2020/21 season. They faced Aston Villa (a), Leicester (H), and Liverpool (H).

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However, these fixtures were played across a period of 5 days which meant their lineup was rotated. They ended up beating Aston Villa but losing to both Leicester and Liverpool. They fielded a somewhat weakened side for the Leicester match.

This means that while a triple gameweek is undoubtedly a high-point scoring opportunity, you should take into account the likeliness of player rotation and/or fatigue.