Fantasy Football Manager – Gameweek 10 – FPL 2018/19

Fantasy Football Manager Gameweek 10

Fantasy Football Manager

Follow fantasy football managers, Sup and Kash, as they try to climb the rankings in Fantasy Premier League. This is the second article in the series and they’ll be sharing their thoughts on the previous gameweek, what to expect from the upcoming gameweeks, as well as the ups and downs of their own teams. Here are the views of for fantasy football manager gameweek 10.

Gameweek 9 Review

Low scoring gameweeks are every FPL managers’ nightmare and GW9 was one such week when points didn’t flow as intended. With the global average standing at 43, most of the FPL managers experienced modest returns. Most of them captaining Sergio Aguero were left largely disappointed with a modest 12. On top of this, more disappointment was meted out to FPL managers who chose Hazard, Lacazette, Kane and Sterling as captains as the former 3 blanked and the latter was rested. Managers captaining Salah were rewarded as the Egyptian King scored the only goal in a drab win for Liverpool against lowly Huddersfield Town. However, as has often become the case, Salah failed to bag the much-needed bonus points. The most transferred in player, Matt Doherty also ended up with a solitary point which was another reason why GW9 was a drab week for most. The Monday night game was lit up by Mesut Ozil and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang who scored 12 points each. The massive clash of Gameweek 9 saw Man Utd travel to Stamford Bridge. The game finished with a hard-fought 2-2 draw. The game saw Anthony Martial score a fantastic brace but was only owned by 2.5% of FPL managers. Elsewhere, the bandwagon curse is back with all the five highest transfer ins blanking in GW9.

Fantasy Football Manager – Sup

Gameweek 9 Team

Here is how my team finished in Gameweek 9.

Sup - GW9 Points

Season Through Gameweek 9

Points Scored- 46| Global Average- 43| Total Points- 564| Overall Rank (OR) – 70k| Green arrow– ~11k| Team Value- 102.4m

Season Through Gameweek 9 - Sup

Team Review Through Gameweek 9

With all the injury concerns over Mane, Zaha, Fraser and Stephens, it was really tempting to take a hit or activate my wildcard so that I could ensure a playing 11. However, I decided against it and ended up just doing an early transfer, Doherty for Tomkins. Though he returned with a meager single pointer, he is one for the long run. In a gameweek where the average is just 43, I am fairly satisfied with my 46 points as it could have been worse. All the players started except Mane, whose hand injury gave him a well deserved rest. My premium defenders came in handy. Both Trippier and Robertson provided clean sheets. Alonso looked threatening but returned with just 1 point. He has the most shots among defenders (17) so far this season. Ederson also returned with a clean sheet making it a combined 23 from the defenders. Hazard’s yellow card didn’t help, as he returned with a single pointer as well. Captain Aguero didn’t disappoint again with a goal in the first half, which could easily have been a brace or hat-trick if he wasn’t wasteful. With this, my captain returned in 9 out of the 9 gameweeks and I hope this streak will continue. Mitrovic also returned with an assist. I would have been happier with some returns from Fraser or Zaha as well, but overall the gameweek has been decent with a small green arrow and am glad that I didn’t force a wildcard in this terrible gameweek.

Gameweek 10 Plans

Gameweek 10 Transfer

As I discussed previously, I plan to transfer in James Maddison and Marco Arnautovic for Morgan Schneiderlin and Wilfried Zaha, respectively. Initially, I was confused whether to get them both in GW9 for a -4 hit, but on a second thought, I decided not to take any hit, as I won’t be able to start both. Most of the players in my squad have easy fixtures with the exception of Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City assets in Kieran Trippier, Sergio Aguero and Ederson Moares. Despite these tough fixtures I plan to start the trio hoping for  some attacking returns. That would leave me with just one spot as Ederson Moares; Matt Doherty, Marco Alonso, Andy Robertson, Kieran Trippier; Eden Hazard, Sadio Mane, Ryan Fraser; Aleksandar Mitrovic, Sergio Aguero are all nailed on. Currently, I am confused whether to give that spot to Marco Arnautovic or James Maddison or to start Wilfred Zaha against Arsenal allowing me to roll over the transfer. I am inclined towards James Maddison at the moment, but I will take a late decision on this one as I wait on more news from Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri regarding Hazard’s back pain.


Assuming Eden Hazard recovers from his back pain, I will be captaining him with Sadio Mane as the Vice Captain. However, I have other options also depending on the extent of his injury. If he is uncertain and 50-50 to start, I will give the armband to Sadio Mane. In the event he is ruled out for the Cardiff match, I have enough cash in the bank to swap him with Mo Salah whom I will obviously captain. Having said all this, I want to captain Eden Hazard this gameweek.

Future Plans

Depending upon whom I get in this week among James Maddison and Marco Arnautovic, I plan to transfer in the other next gameweek. James Maddison in GW10 and Marco Arnautovic GW11 is my current inclination, as that will ensure the ideal entry point for both. However, these transfers are subjected to my captaincy decision in GW10 and if I am successful in resisting my temptation to ship in Mo Salah. Going forward, my tentative plan is to first transfer in Benjamin Mendy who has 6 assists already and 4 big chances created this season. His attacking threat coupled with the clean sheet potential of Manchester City make him an essential pick. The rotation threat for him always looms but I believe this has been dampened by recent performances. To accommodate him, I can transfer out Kieran Trippier, although he has also assisted twice and created 5 big chances this season. So, given Manchester City have more favourable fixtures until GW14, I will probably go forward with the move. If I get Benjamin Mendy, I can downgrade Ederson Moares in goal, as I don’t like doubling up in defense. My first choice set and forget goalkeeper is Lukasz Fabianski with the best fixtures among the budget options. The extra cash would also enable me to buy back Keiran Trippier in future once their fixtures turn again in GW15. Having 4 premium defenders in Andy Robertson, Marco Alonso, Benjamin Mendy and Keiran Trippier is really tempting for me. So here are my future plans for now:

Morgan Schniderlin to James Maddison (GW10)
Wilfred Zaha to Marco Arnautovic (GW11)
Benjamin Mendy to Keiran Trippier (GW11) for a -4 hit probably
Ederson Moraes to Lukasz Fabianski (GW12)
Enable the rest of my team to buyback Keiran Trippier in GW15

Fantasy Football Manager – Kash

Gameweek 9 Team

Here is how my team finished in Gameweek 9.

Kash - GW9 Points

Season Through Gameweek 9

Points Scored- 41| Global Average- 43| Total Points- 504| Overall Rank (OR) – 624k| Red arrow– 32k| Team Value- 102.8m

Season Through Gameweek 9 - Kash

Team Review Through Gameweek 9

When your captain gets rested out of the blue, then your gameweek has to suffer. Similar fate awaited me when after much analysis based on statistical evaluation, form and of course the basic eye test, I decided to put the armband on Raheem Sterling. Standard Pep Guardiola! It could have been worse as Guardiola at least did me the favor of not sending Sterling on for a cameo. This enabled my vice-captain Mitrovic to take on the captaincy baton. Consequently I was able to double up on his assist points. However, more woes awaited me as proving the speculations right, Sadio Mane was kept out of the Liverpool squad. Therefore I was without services of £20m+ worth assets. To compound my misery, my Wolves double cover who filled in for my two premium absentees returned a combined 1 point after a poor 0-2 defeat to Watford at home. Perhaps hurrying in on Doherty and not picking Duffy (my original plan as mentioned in our 1st Edition Digest) had to hurt me. All my team could muster for GW9 was 3 clean sheets, one assist, a couple of bonus points and 0 goals. Thus, after consecutive weeks of steady resurgence, this indeed was a setback and resulted in a small red arrow which will require some extra work in the coming weeks to move up. Not owning any Arsenal players might be pulling me back a bit at the moment. Given their volatility over the years I’m going to hold fire on transferring an Arsenal player in.

Gameweek 10 Plans


The first thing I realised after GW9 concluded was that I don’t have a captain choice for GW10. The original plan was to bring in Eden Hazard. However, as the week unfolded, the news of the Hazard back pain emerged. This resulted in my GW10 captaincy plans going haywire. I am still keen on getting Hazard this week and will wait till the last hour of the deadline on Saturday to get more updates on him. But as the plan B, my replacement pick may well be Mo Salah. 3 goals in the last 2 games (Premier League and Champions League) and Salah is back in the radar of all fantasy managers who don’t own him. I need a captain this gameweek more than a transfer as my premium assets currently have the following fixtures/conditions:

Kane – Manchester City (Home)
Sterling – Tottenham Hotspurs (Away); Rotation risk; Lesser minutes likely
Mane – Cardiff (Home); Fresh out of injury; Lesser minutes likely

Among the above 3, Mane is perhaps the likeliest captaincy choice but coming off from an injury that made him sit out last weekend, he may be shaky and moreover hasn’t been in the best of the form as of late. Though he looked sharp midweek in the Champions League tie at home against minnows Crvena, it will still be a bit daring to put the armband on Mane. Kane and Sterling because of their fixture difficulty levels aren’t captain choices this week.


One of Kane or Sterling will likely be transferred out my team this week.

Things in favour of Sterling transfer out:

  • Will enable me to get Aguero on GW11
  • Considerable rotation risk with both Mahrez and Sane developing over the weeks
  • Can sell him at £11.1m enabling me to gain sell value and save some cash even after getting Hazard.

Things in favour of Kane transfer out:

  • Will facilitate an easy path to get Salah
  • Plays 3 of the next 5 fixtures against Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal
  • Captaincy potential low from GW10-15.

Having said all that I will be torn between Hazard or Salah as I can’t look beyond them as my answer to captaincy uncertainty this week. I am more keen on Hazard, as I said earlier simply because it can be done by 1 FT and can carry over another to next week which won’t be possible if I have to go for Salah. Some serious thinking to go in for sure for the next 24 hours till deadline.

The Transfer options I am considering at the moment are:

Sterling → Hazard

Sterling → Salah
Kane → Vardy

I am not looking beyond these 2 options and will decide on which one to go for after the final update on Hazard before the deadline.


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