Fantasy Football Manager – Gameweek 9 – FPL 2018/19

Fantasy Football Manager Gameweek 9

Fantasy Football Manager

Follow fantasy football managers, Sup and Kash, as they try to climb the rankings in Fantasy Premier League. They’ll be sharing their thoughts on the previous gameweek, what to expect from the upcoming gameweeks, as well as the ups and downs of their own teams. Here are the views of for fantasy football manager gameweek 9.

Gameweek 8 Review

Gameweek 8 was quite eventful. Starting with Man Utd’s comeback win against Newcastle to a stalemate between Liverpool and Manchester City. The average score for the gameweek was 50. Hazard who was captained by the 23% of FPL managers returned handsomely with 14 points. Elsewhere, Kane and Aguero, captained by 22.9% and 21.6% managers respectively, returned just 1 point. A Kane blank came as a shock to many FPL managers who went out of their way to accommodate him against Cardiff (H).

Fantasy Football Manager – Sup

Gameweek 8 Team

Here is how my team finished in Gameweek 8.

Sup GW8 Points

Season Through Gameweek 8

Points Scored- 70| Global Average- 50| Total Points- 518| Overall Rank (OR) – 81k| Green arrow- ~36k| Team Value- 102.3m

Season Through GW8 - Sup

Team Review Through Gameweek 8

Although I thought about doing a -4 to ship in Hazard and Kane for Salah and Aguero, I decided against the hit and ended up doing just a single transfer in Hazard. This worked out quite well for me, as I captained him. I ended with decent 70 points thanks to his handsome return of 28 captain points. Aguero, as expected, could not score in Anfield, and the yellow card made things worse, returning just 1 point. Zaha again disappointed with a miserly return of 2 at home and is playing OOP and hence, one of the players in my transfer out list. Mane’s return of 3 was somewhat expected, while Fraser’s assist in Bournemouth’s 4-0 win over Watford helped. Liverpool vs. City’s shock 0-0 with a missed penalty from Mahrez worked out well for me as Ederson and Robertson gave a combined return of 13. Alonso’s clean sheet also added to my decent gameweek. To sum it up, a gameweek score of 70 without owning anyone from Wolves defence (especially Doherty) is decent enough.

Gameweek 9 Plans

Gameweek 9 Transfer

I was thinking of activating my wildcard during the International Break (IB) when I thought about bringing in Kane for GW8. Since I decided against that, and I have a decent captain option in Aguero for GW9 against Burnley (H), I won’t be activating it now. Instead, I decided to bring in Doherty, whom I believe is essential at the moment. I went on with the early transfer to get ahead of the price rise of Doherty during the IB. Although early FT is not recommended during an IB, I still went forward with it because:

– The potential £0.2m rise in Doherty’s price during the IB may hamper some of my future transfer plans
– Doherty or any Wolves’ defence is absolutely essential at the moment
– And, I have my wildcard intact, so in case of multiple injuries during the IB, I would have activated my wildcard anyways.

So getting ahead of the price rise seemed sensible to me. My team for GW9 is like this with the obvious captain choice in Aguero.

Sup GW9 Team

Future Plans

This transfer means I have £2.9m in the bank. Provided there is no more injury in my squad (Fraser though yellow tagged, I believe, he will recover in time), I won’t be activating my wildcard before GW13 at least. There is another IB during that time and the wildcard will allow setting up my team for the packed December schedule. I would also like to monitor De Bruyne, Salah, Mendy among the others till then and would get more information on their form and rotation risk. For my transfers in the next couple of gameweeks, I have two options at the moment.

1. I just have enough cash to get Lacazette for Zaha, who at the moment is on fire
2. Or get Arnautovic for Zaha, who has awesome fixtures coming up after the Spurs’ game

Option 1 looks tempting, would, however, mean my bench will remain very thin with Wan B (tough fixtures ahead), Schneiderlin and Stephens (both not playing). With this, I have to play the same 11 week in week out without much flexibility. Option 2 would allow me to get either Richarlison/Maddison for Stephens, thus making my bench stronger and giving me some flexibility to avoid the tough fixtures. Currently, I am inclined towards Option 2, but I will give it more thought before pulling the trigger. So here is my plan for the next few transfers for now

– Arnautovic for Zaha (GW10)
– Maddison for Stephens (GW10 or GW11)
– Alexander-Arnold for Trippier (GW11)
– Richarlison for Fraser (GW11 or GW12)

Now, whether I will be taking hits or not for this transfers depends on how my team is performing in upcoming gameweeks.

Injury Concerns

All the transfer plans are subjected to the fact that none of my premium players suffers an injury during the IB. There is injury news on Mane’s left thumb and Zaha’s groin, as I am writing the article. If these and Fraser’s injury turn out to be something serious and they miss the next game, I have the following options:

1. Hold onto them refraining from hit and field 9-10 players
2. Mane to Sterling (-4)
3. Stephens to Richarlison / Maddison (-4)
4. Zaha to Arnie (-4)
5. Take a -8 hit
6. Wildcard

But since I am not a great fan of taking hits, I will strongly consider activating my wildcard. For now, I am waiting on the press conferences, keeping my fingers crossed. This is my tentative wildcard squad, with nine changes from GW8 justifying my need to activate it (only if at least two among Zaha, Fraser and Mane are declared out for GW9). The captain options with the wildcard squad are Sterling, Hazard and Lacazette. And in case, Liverpool’s attack is back in form, I will also have some provisions to get Mane or Firmino with a couple of transfers. The only concern with this team would be to ship in Spurs’ assets once their fixtures turn again from GW15. That is also the reason I am trying my best to hold on to the wildcard. But these Mane and Zaha injuries can smirch all my transfer plans and compel me to change my tactics.

Sup Wildcard GW9

Fantasy Football Manager – Kash

Gameweek 8 Team

Here is how my team finished in Gameweek 8.

Kash GW8 Points

Season Through Gameweek 8

Points Scored- 64| Global Average- 50| Total Points- 463| Overall Rank (OR) – 592k| Green arrow- ~160k| Team Value- 102.7m

Season Through GW8 - Kash

Team Review Through Gameweek 8

The resurgence continued on GW8, which was a pretty good one for me despite Captain Kane producing almost nothing. In sharp contrast to GW7, this week my premium attackers did not contribute as not only Kane, Sterling too blanked. But my mid-priced attackers came good when it mattered, most notably Callum Wilson (£6.3m). I was holding onto him for a while despite modest/low returns and he paid me off handsomely for the faith with a 14 point haul. Picking Richarlison with a hit before GW7 paid off, albeit a gameweek later as his early goal ensured a great start to the week. Ryan Fraser also chipped in with an assist but no there was no bonus for either Richarlison or Fraser was a bit disappointing. Defensively I had a great week with Ederson, Trippier, Bennett and Alonso all returning clean sheets. I made a bold decision to bench Robertson, and that decision almost proved correct when Van Dijk fouled Sane inside the box but phew, Mahrez. Well, can’t rue the missed CS in anyways, the same way I am not feeling bad for the missed 7-pointer from Ricardo Pereira, who came up with a brilliant counter-attack goal against Everton. I could have only played 1 out of Robertson, Pereira and Bennett and chose Bennett over the other 2, banking on the Wolves defence, which already earned accolades for their resiliency. Once Bennett ensured the CS, I was least bothered about the returns from the other two. The thought process is often more important than results in FPL.

Gameweek 9 Plans


GW9 is perhaps one gameweek when I really did not need any reinforcement. As you can find above, my playing 11 looks perfect with each having absolutely mouth-watering fixtures both home and away. The mix of returns also looks well balanced. While I don’t expect much from Kane against a stern West Ham at the London Stadium, I have big hopes from the likes of Sterling, Mitrovic and Mane. Incidentally, these are the 3 I am considering for captaincy. Picking between them is still something I haven’t made my mind up on. Sterling has been prolific at the Etihad this season, and surprisingly Kane has been more than handy away from home with 80% of his goals coming on trips away. Mitrovic is a rather outside choice I am nurturing based on the assumption that Cardiff will be leaky as they have been at home. Mane has been ruled out of the captaincy equation due to injury. I will decide on the captaincy in the last moment in all likelihood this week but certainly will be one of the three discussed above.


As mentioned earlier, there was no dire need of a transfer this week but with 2 FTs in hand, wasting one wasn’t something I wanted to do. I still don’t own Hazard but have preconceived myself already that I am bringing him in on GW10. Hence, using 1 FT and keeping 2 FTs for next gameweek seems to be the plan. So after spending a bit of time to understand the gaps where I can do a transfer this week, I identified the following:

● I don’t own the red-hot Matt Doherty
● Undecided how to use Ricardo Pereira (5.1m) going forward

I decided which to do pretty quickly which was Pereira -> Doherty. After the 15 point haul in GW7, benching him this week was a bit tricky. Nevertheless I was more than happy to get him this week, as couldn’t find a better injury cover to any of my first team assets. Unfortunately, the extra time spent to figure this out was enough to catapult Doherty to another price hike (£4.7m). I’m sure fantasy football managers from all over the world can relate to this. But still, it was a bargain price to get him and more importantly it was freeing up the required budget to fit in Hazard on GW10 (keeping in mind another price rise for the Belgian).

Gameweek 9 Team

Kash GW9 Team

Fraser and Mane are currently injury scares. In any other gameweek this would have been a greater problem. In this particular week though, I am more relaxed with Doherty and Bennett providing cover from the bench. Wolves facing an off-colour Watford at home. While I believe Fraser is likely to feature this weekend after skipping international duty and having a 15-day rest and recovery period, Mane remains a doubt with a seemingly critical thumb injury while on international duty. Consequenty Doherty offers dual value to me at the moment. Firstly he provides solid bench cover for Mane/Fraser but also allows me to hold on to both for another week to assess their injury.


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