Fantasy Premier League 2017 18 – Coming Soon

Fantasy Premier League 2017 18

Fantasy Premier League 2017 18

There are a lot of football fans right now who have the opinion that cricket, F1, tennis and even U21 football is no substitute for the Premier League. Amongst those fans will be a contingent that started to eagerly anticipate Fantasy Premier League 2017 18 as soon as the Premier League season finished. Scouting new transfer targets, fixture analysis and drilling down into Fantasy Premier League statistics will all have already been pastimes for the most dedicated of FPL managers.

When is Fantasy Premier League 2017 18 Starting?

There is good news for those that are struggling to cope without Fantasy Premier League. Fantasy Premier League 2017 18 has been slated to start the week commencing July 10th. Once a date becomes concrete, or if there is any further news, we will share this on our Twitter account.

Any New Features for FPL 2017 18?

The FPL rumor mill suggests there will be a new feature added for Fantasy Premier League 2017 18. Furthermore, it could be a big one. It has been known for a while now that Fantasy Premier League are working on introducing a draft system into FPL. Whether or not this is relevant to this update time will tell but there is certainly a good chance it will be.

FPL 2017 New Feature

How Would a FPL Draft System Work?

Simply put, a draft system is where each player can only be used once by a team. For example, in a league of 20 teams only one of those would be able to have Sergio Aguero. Further specifics such as league numbers, transfers, etc will all be how Fantasy Premier League decides to utilise them. The premise of only being able to use a player once in each league is the core of the draft system however. A previous feature, the 25 man Ultimate Team, never became popular and has since been removed. It ran alongside the normal Fantasy Premier League game. We would think, and hope, a draft system would remain separate to the normal game.

Prepare for the New Season

Don’t waste time waiting for the Fantasy Premier League 2017 18 to be live. You can prepare for the new season by checking out our Fixture Analysis matrix here:

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