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Fantasy Premier League Player Stats – Live Data Table

On paper Fantasy Premier League is simple – you pick a squad of players and select a starting lineup in an attempt to get the most points.

In reality, there is a lot more to FPL than that. Player statistics play a vital role in putting together the best team possible.

There are all sorts of stats when it comes to Fantasy Premier League. The list is endless but we have taken some of the key ones and shared them below for your convenience.

These include minutes played, points, goals, assists, bonus points, BPS (bonus points system), and ownership. All of these are based on the totals from the current FPL season.

Your gut instinct is important as well but there is no substitute for cold hard facts. After all, there is a reason the same FPL managers do so well season after season.

FPL Player Stats Table


The above table shows live data. The columns can be sorted from A to Z or highest to lowest (and vice-versa) by clicking the header.

It can also be filtered by team name and position. By default, the data is sorted by highest to lowest points.

This means the current best performing players in Fantasy Premier League will be at the top.

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These are the key metrics you should use to select your team.

There are of course plenty of other statistics out there. However, getting bulked down with too many of them can leave you second-guessing yourself.

Obviously, points are the most noteworthy as your team's success is based solely on them.

Even so, point totals can look better or worse than they actually are due to fixture toughness, minutes played, and variance.

Consequently, it is wise to delve into other stats to see if additional information can be gleaned. This is how you can gain an advantage over your fellow FPL managers.