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Fantasy Premier League Wildcard Strategy

When Should You Use Your Fantasy Premier League Wildcard?

There are two Fantasy Premier League wildcards to be used in the season. The first needs to be used anytime before 29th December 14:00. The second one can be used any time after. This article will discuss when you should use your first Fantasy Premier League wildcard. There are two schools of thought when it comes to this. The first one is to use it early – within the first 6 Gameweeks. The second thought is to use it close to the first wildcard deadline.

Using the Fantasy Premier League Wildcard Early

The logic behind using the Fantasy Premier League wildcard early is that the most information becomes apparent in the first 6 Gameweeks. Some players will have a lot of questions surrounding them before the season starts. One example of this right now is Alvaro Morata. Morata is obviously a high profile player with the ability to get lots of FPL points. However, his form was inconsistent last season and he faces competition from Olivier Giroud. Therefore there are unanswered questions which won’t be answered until a few Gameweeks into the season. If you don’t select him and he starts the season on fire an early Fantasy Premier League wildcard will allow you to bring him in. If this situation happens several times over, the wildcard is the only way to adjust your team.

Player Price Increases

The secondary advantage to using an early wildcard is the increase in value to your team. At the beginning of the Gameweek you can transfer out all your players that are out of form, injured or have poor upcoming fixtures. You can then transfer in all the in form players and generally the players you would expect to increase in price. (This is dependent on player demand). For example, the player with the most net transfer ins is the most likely to have their price increase. If this process is done successfully you’ll add to your overall team value which will pay dividends throughout the season. This is often the difference between being able to get an extra premium player.

Playing The Fixtures

The final advantage to using the Fantasy Premier League wildcard early is you can maximise the fixtures. This of course only applies if you are knowingly going to use your wildcard early. For example Arsenal face Man City (H) and Chelsea (a) in their first two Gameweeks. If you are using an early wildcard you could avoid Arsenal players and bring them in when there fixtures become easier.

Saving Your Fantasy Premier League Wildcard

The alternative strategy is to save your Fantasy Premier Leaue until close to the first deadline. The main reasoning behind this is far simpler than the first strategy. The longer you wait to use your wildcard the more information you’ll have at your disposal to transfer in players for the second half of the season. Furthermore it will likely allow you to save your second wildcard until toward the end of the season which is were Double Gameweeks come in to play.

Which FPL Wildcard Strategy Should You Use?

That’s the question a lot of FPL managers are constantly asking. We don’t think you should go into the season knowing which strategy you’re going to undertake. That means don’t commit to a team’s first 6 fixtures if you know they have bad fixtures thereafter without having an exit strategy. Pick your team with the intention of your team doing well and therefore not needing to use your FPL wildcard until December. However, if you find yourself in a situation where your picks haven’t paid off, have been hit with a few injuries and/or other players have come to the forefront that you can’t afford to be without then be willing to use an early wildcard. Both strategies have been proven successful so which one you utilise is dependent on your personal situation. From our perspective we try to save the first wildcard which should give an advantage in December/January.

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