FPL 2017/18 Statistics

FPL 201718 Statistics

Statistics from the FPL 2017/18 Season

Now the FPL 2017/18 season is finished we can look back the season’s FPL statistics. Here are an array of FPL 2017/18 statistics which focus on teams as opposed to player statistics. We will be providing more analysis on player statistics (points, bonus points, etc) in the coming days. These overall statistics include top teams, dream team, average points and more. For in depth FPL 2017/18 player statistics including total points, goals, assist, bonus points and BPS, check out our FPL 2017/18 Player Statistics article.

FPL 2017/18 – Top Fantasy Premier League Managers

Here are the top FPL managers from the 2017/18 season.

Team Country Transfers Wildcard 1 Wildcard 2 Overall Points
Yusuf’s Team Tanzania 41 GW8 GW25 2,512
My Little Kone England  44  GW8  GW32  2,504
Boom Xhaka Laca India  43 GW15  GW32 2,500 
da bestest  Estonia  40  GW8  GW32  2,497
Starlet Indonesia  48  GW6 GW33 2,497
eso Kuwait  40 GW10  GW27  2,491 
FC Maradona Serbia 40 GW8  GW28  2,490 
Unlackee  South Africa  36  GW8 GW32  2,488 
Грга Питић Serbia 48  GW10 GW28  2,480 
Paggas Boys  Australia  40  GW8 GW32 2,478 

FPL 2017/18 – Dream Team

The FPL 2017/18 Dream Team features 5 of the top 6 teams. Arsenal are the team missing. Outside of the top 6, Leicester are the only team to feature. They actually managed two inclusions in the FPL 2017/18 Dream Team and this was unsurprisingly Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez. Chelsea, despite missing out on the Champions League, can boast two players included. They were tied 4th for most clean sheets (16) which resulted in Cesar Azpilicueta and Marcos Alonso getting in the Dream Team. Despite finishing 2nd the only Man Utd player to feature is David De Gea. Tottenham’s two inclusions, Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen, are the only two players to appear in each of the last three season’s FPL Dream Teams.FPL 2017/18 Dream Team

FPL 2017/18 – Team Point Statistics

Here are some other interesting statistics from the FPL 2017/18 season.

  • Total players: 5,910,135
  • Median points: 1,781
  • Average Gameweek score: 48.92
  • Average highest Gameweek score: 126.95
  • Weekly average Dream Team score: 134.21
  • FPL manager scores:
    • 1st: 2,512
    • 10th: 2,478
    • 100th: 2,439
    • 1,000th: 2,382
    • 10,000th: 2,314


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