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FPL 2024/25: Which Teams Have the Best Fixtures?

The Premier League fixtures for the 2024/25 season are out, giving FPL managers a head start on studying and planning based on how tough each team’s schedule looks.

Let’s look at the fixtures and the fixture difficulty rating for the first 10 GWs to see which teams have it easy and which ones might struggle.

Average FDR (GW1 to GW6)

Lower score shows easier fixtures, higher scores harder

Average FDR (GW1 to GW10)

Lower score shows easier fixtures, higher scores harder

Teams to Target


Fixtures: Brighton (H), Tottenham (a), Bournemouth (H), Aston Villa (a), Leicester (a), Crystal Palace (H)

Everton has a favorable run with several home matches against manageable opponents like Brighton, Bournemouth, and Crystal Palace.

Away games at newly-promoted Ipswich and Southampton further add to their appeal.

They have the easiest run over the first ten GWs, facing all three promoted teams while avoiding the top clubs.


Fixtures: Ipswich (a), Brentford (H), Manchester United (a), Nottingham Forest (H), Bournemouth (H), Wolves (a)

Liverpool start the season with appealing fixtures, including the opener against newly-promoted Ipswich.

They boast the best FDR during the first 6 GWs and have only one game against a traditional ‘big six’ team (Man Utd) in the first seven GWs.


Fixtures: Manchester United (a), Leicester (H), Ipswich (a), West Ham (H), Newcastle United (H), Nottingham Forest (a)

Fulham also have a favorable start, facing newly-promoted Leicester and Ipswich early on, followed by West Ham at home.

They avoid top-six teams until GW7, making Fulham players valuable early-season picks. Bernd Leno could be a standout option.

Aston Villa

Fixtures: West Ham (a), Arsenal (H), Leicester (a), Everton (H), Wolves (H), Ipswich (a)

After the first two games, Aston Villa faces a fixture swing. They play matches against newly promoted Leicester and Ipswich, followed by Everton and Wolves.

The Champions League campaign will be something to keep in mind for Villa, however, on paper, their fixtures look good.

Nottingham Forest

Fixtures: Bournemouth (H), Southampton (a), Wolves (H), Liverpool (a), Brighton (a), Fulham (H)

Forest have a decent start with winnable matches against Bournemouth, Southampton, and Fulham.

These fixtures provide a good opportunity for their assets to score points, particularly in home games. They are 4th when it comes to FDR for the first 6 GWs.


Fixtures: Newcastle United (a), Nottingham Forest (H), Brentford (a), Manchester United (H), Ipswich (H), Bournemouth (a)

Southampton’s return to the Premier League includes appealing fixtures against fellow newly promoted teams Ipswich (GW6) and Leicester (GW8) and an away game at Bournemouth.

Only Liverpool has a better average FDR than Southampton over the course of the first six GWs.

Teams to Avoid


Fixtures: Nottingham Forest (a), Newcastle United (H), Everton (a), Chelsea (H), Liverpool (a), Southampton (H)

Bournemouth has a tough start to the season but only gets worse from GW8. Between GW8 and GW10, they encounter Arsenal, Aston Villa, and Manchester City consecutively.


Fixtures: Arsenal (a), Chelsea (H), Nottingham Forest (a), Newcastle United (H), Aston Villa (a), Liverpool (H)

Wolves have the toughest FDR over the first 10 GWs. During this period, they are up against six teams that finished in the top seven last season, a challenging start for their campaign.


Fixtures: Wolves (H), Aston Villa (a), Brighton (H), Tottenham (a), Manchester City (a), Leicester (H)

Arsenal’s early fixtures include favorable matchups like Wolves (H), Leicester (H), and Southampton (H).

However, facing five top-seven teams within the first 10 GWs presents a challenging start, requiring caution when considering Arsenal players.


Fixtures: Everton (a), Manchester United (H), Arsenal (a), Ipswich (H), Nottingham Forest (H), Chelsea (a)

Brighton starts decently with games against Everton (a), Ipswich (H), and Forest (H).

Their schedule gets tough after GW5 with fixtures against Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool.