FPL Best Value Players (Points per Million) – Live Data

There is nothing more important in Fantasy Premier League than points. After all, they are the very thing that determines the best FPL manager come the end of the season.

However, points don’t always paint the whole picture. That is why we have set up the below table to show what points may not. The ‘points per million’, ‘points per game’ and ‘points per minute’ metrics shows what point totals sometimes fail to do.

Fantasy Premier League Points per Million – Live Data


The data above is live. The table can be sorted by either points, points per game, points per minute, points per game or points per million. By default it sorted by the latter from high to low.

A poor run of form, tough fixtures, limited minutes or injuries can all contribute to an underplayed points total. That’s why it is vital to look beyond just the ‘points’ metric.

Points or price?

Obviously price plays a huge factor as to whether a player is a viable pick. That means the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah may seem the best picks but assets such as Virgil Van Dijk actually have a better ‘points per £m’.

With that said though, there is a trade-off between points and points per million.

If, for example, you have £7.5m in the bank and have a choice between Trent Alexander-Arnold and Stuart Ayling, logically it would be the former you’d choose. This is because while Ayling will likely perform better when it comes to points per million but Alexander-Arnold should get more points.

Then there is the ‘points per game’ metric. This becomes relevant several gameweeks into the season when players have picked up injuries. Naturally those players are unlikely to sit highly on either points or points per million.

They could feature highly on the points per game, however. While their high score on this could be down to variance, it may also indicate a potentially good pick that is flying under the radar.

We then go on further and break down FPL player value by minutes. Some players won’t score as many points as they’re capable of due to limited minutes on the pitch.

Points per minute captures this information. However, it should be noted that some players may get taken off due to the managers’ strategy, which may continue. Points per minute can also be inflated due to players coming off the bench and getting points.

Best value players 2020/21

Emiliano Martinez was the best value player in the Fantasy Premier League 2020/21 season. He scored 35.1 points per million (PPM).

Stuart Dallas was the highest scoring outfield player in terms of PPM with 31.1. Fellow teammate Patrick Bamford was the best value forward at 29.4 PPM.

The top 5 highest scoring players on the points per million metric were:

  • Emiliano Martinez – 35.1
  • Illan Meslier – 32.1
  • Stuart Dallas – 31.1
  • Sam Johnstone – 30.4
  • Patrick Bamford – 29.4

Best value players 2019/20

In Fantasy Premier League 2019/20 the best performing player in terms of sheer value was Nick Pope. The Burnley goalkeeper scored 30.9 points per million.

Meanwhile, the best performing outfield player, to the surprise of few, was Trent Alexander-Arnold. He scored a mightily impressive 28 points per million.

Other notable performers in this metric were Danny Ings and Anthony Martial. It should be noted the that Martial was listed as a midfielder this season, though.