FPL Cheat Sheet Gameweek 6

There’s so much more to Fantasy Premier League than blindly picking the best players. A player’s fixture plays an integral role in determining whether he should start, or even be transferred in.

Sometimes a budget player at home to a relegation threatened team is better than mid-priced midfielder away to Man City.

Not all difficult (or easy) fixtures are obvious though. That’s why we have created this FPL Cheat Sheet which will clearly show you which teams, and therefore players, have the most appealing fixtures.

Premier League GW6 Cheat Sheet

For a table showing the most likely goalscorers this Gameweek (sorted by percentage) visit our Best Captain Picks page.

Table Last Updated: 23 September 2021

Fixture Home
Win %
Win %
Home Clean Sheet % Away Clean Sheet % Most Likely Anytime Goalscorer
Chelsea vs Man City 36% 36% 31% 29% Lukaku
Man Utd vs Aston Villa 71% 11% 46% 12% Ronaldo
Everton vs Norwich 59% 15% 44% 17% Rondon
Leeds vs West Ham 33% 42% 20% 25% Antonio
Leicester vs Burnley 62% 15% 44% 17% Vardy
Watford vs Newcastle 43% 29% 33% 27% Dennis
Brentford vs Liverpool 13% 66% 14% 46% Salah
Southampton vs Wolves 36% 34% 31% 31% Jimenez
Arsenal vs Tottenham 44% 29% 33% 25% Aubameyang
Crystal Palace vs Brighton 32% 39% 31% 35% Maupay

The above table shows the following:

  • Fixture
  • Home win odds
  • Away win odds
  • Home clean sheet odds
  • Away clean sheet odds
  • Fixture’s most likely anytime goalscorer

The table is sorted by fixture – earliest to kick off at the top. For an ordered list of teams most likely to keep a clean sheet, and additional analysis of players, check out our Premier League Clean Sheet Odds page.

All of the data in our Fantasy Premier League Cheat Sheet is obtained via official odds.

Chances of Starting

The most likely anytime goalscorer doesn’t take into account that players chances of starting.

However, prices are often still offered for players we know aren’t going to start. As a result, we exclude them from the cheat sheet.

Conversely though, if a player has a chance of starting, but is far from certain to do so, they are still included.

For example Man City are renowned for rotating, so naturally their players have less chance of starting than other team’s players. This doesn’t affect his anytime goalscorer odds because they are based on the assumption that player will start.

Fortunately you can find out the exact chances of a player starting using our Premier League Team News page. It provides predicted lineups for every Premier League team, every Gameweek, their formation and most importantly every player’s percent chance of starting.