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FPL Double Gameweeks Confirmed

All Double Gameweeks Scheduled

We now know that Gameweek 34, Gameweek 36 and Gameweek 37 will be Double Gameweeks. Furthermore, all blank fixtures have now been re-scheduled so there is now a complete full fixture set to prepare for.

Teams With a Double Gameweek

Gameweek 34

  • Crystal Palace: Liverpool Away and Tottenham Home
  • Man Utd: Burnley Away and Man City Away
  • Middlesbrough: Bournemouth Away and Sunderland Home

Gameweek 36

  • Arsenal: Man Utd Home and Southampton Away
  • Southampton: Liverpool Away and Arsenal Home

Gameweek 37

  • Arsenal: Stoke Away and Sunderland Home
  • Chelsea: West Brom Away and Watford Home
  • Leicester: Man City Away and Tottenham Home
  • Man City: Leicester Home and West Brom Home
  • Man Utd: Tottenham Away and Southampton Away
  • Southampton: Middlesbrough Away and Man Utd Home
  • Sunderland: Swansea Home and Arsenal Away
  • Tottenham: Man Utd Home and Leicester Away
  • Watford: Everton Away and Chelsea Away
  • West Brom: Chelsea Home and Man City Away

FPL Double Gameweeks

Double Gameweek Strategy

We discuss strategy for maximising the Double Gameweeks in these two articles.

Wildcard Strategy

Triple Captain and Bench Boost Strategy