FPL Draft – New Fantasy Premier League Mode

FPL Draft Announced

FPL Draft Announced

After weeks of speculation the official FPL Draft has been announced. It has been rumoured for a long time now that Fantasy Premier League were trying to incorporate an Fantasy Premier League Draft mode. The FPL Draft will officially launch week commencing 17th July 2017. Most importantly for many FPL managers will be the question of if FPL Draft will be free; the answer is YES.

What is the FPL Draft?

The Draft is a type of Fantasy Football where each player can only be picked once in a given league. This is in direct contrast to the normal Fantasy Premier League game where players can be picked by multiple teams within the same league. Essentially each player in the Premier League can only be selected once in any league.

FPL Draft Details

The details for the Fantasy Premier League Draft remain relatively sparse but some details have been confirmed. We currently know the following:

  • The scoring system will be the same as the normal FPL game
  • There will be no £100.0m budget
  • Draft leagues will contain 2 to 16 teams
  • Each league can either be based on the traditional or head to head scoring system

FPL Draft – How It Will Work?

The creator of each Draft league will select a date anytime before the 11th August for the actual draft to take place. Teams within that league will then take it in turns selecting players until each team’s 15 man squad is complete. How the order is determined for player selection in the draft is currently unclear.

FPL Draft – Further Details

There have been no further details announced as of writing this. Intricacies such as number of players from each club, FPL chips, transfer information, etc have also yet to be announced. We will announce and discuss these as and when they are confirmed.

FPL Draft – Strategy

We will be discussing Fantasy Premier League Draft strategy in the coming weeks as more details are revealed. In the meantime you can start preparing for both the traditional Fantasy Premier League game as well as the Fantasy Premier League Draft by looking at our FPL Fixture Analysis page: https://www.fantasyfootballpundit.com/fixture-analysis/

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