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FPL Effective Ownership (EO) – Live Table

Fantasy Premier League pick percentages are often used to determine which players you need to root against in a given gameweek.

However, many FPL managers are now using a new metric to see which players they should worry about: effective ownership (EO).

Effective Ownership Table – Live Data

NameTeamPositionPriceCap %Effective

The data will reflect that of the top 10k managers usually within 30 minutes after FPL becomes available again after the deadline.

After around four hours post deadline the data will be based on the top 100k managers, giving more accuracy.

The table above shows captain % and then EO %.

Additionally, there is the option to filter by team and position.

What is Effective Ownership in FPL?

Effective ownership is a calculation that takes into account managers who start a player (not just those who own them), alongside those who captain and triple captain them.

By analysing managers who start and give a player some form of captaincy, this produces a more accurate stat as to which players are a threat.

This data can be complimented with player ownership for the current top 10k, 1k and 100 FPL managers and how many of the top 10k, 1k and 100 managers captained a particular player.

How is Effective Ownership calculated? Formula

The effective ownership formula for a given player in FPL is:


Due to the time needed to process such a large amount data, our EO live table analyses the top 100k teams. This arguably provides a more accurate reading anyway.

For example, if Cristiano Ronaldo is owned by 45% of FPL managers, captained by 35% and triple captained by 1% then his EO will be 81%.

What Does a High EO Mean?

Many players in a given gameweek will have an effective ownership of more than 100%.

This is because the number of FPL managers who have captained/triple captained that player is high. Consequently, this brings their EO above 100%.

Let’s look at a realistic example. If Liverpool are at home to Bournemouth then Mohamed Salah will be a very popular pick.

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He will also be captained by the majority of Fantasy Premier League players and even triple captained by some.

That means his EO % could well be above 150%. So, let’s say this gave Salah an effective ownership of 155% then every point he scored in that gameweek would increase the average by 1.55 points.

Therefore, if you have him but captained someone else, you’d lose points compared to the rest of the field the better he performs.

This applies to the global ranking and not mini-leagues which would be dependent on specific selection within it.