FPL Goalkeeper Rotation – Tips & Strategy

Plenty of FPL managers have been tinkering and changing their teams in the build up to the 2019/20 Premier League season. However, a decision that flies under the radar are which goalkeepers to pick. Questions on value, rotations and fixtures have a lot of managers anxious.

This article is aimed at providing some clarity on your options which will share the best options for goalkeeper rotation. Here are the best options for each price combination – we’ll start with the cheapest (£4.0m + £4.0m) before moving our way up to see the most viable options.

This information can also be seen in table format at the bottom of the article. Goalkeeper combinations that exceed £10.0m have not been included as this provides little value in FPL. The money would be better used elsewhere in the squad.

£4.0m + £4.0m

Not viable.

No £4.0m valued goalkeeper is a starter and having two, although only costing you £8.0m in total, is a sure fire way of guaranteeing 0 points in this position each week.

£4.5m + £4.0m

Pros: Only spending £8.5m on two keepers

Cons: Limited options, limited point returns

Ryan and Button are the standout options here. With great opening fixtures (wat,WHM,SOU) and the safety of a starter plenty of Fantasy Premier League managers have already opted for this combination. Ryan achieved 104 points last year, 2.7PPG and will do well to get a clean sheet or two with some save points out of those fixtures. Other options include Gunn, Henderson and Pope but would mean a non-playing keeper on the bench, which is not ideal.

£4.5m + £4.5m

Pros: Rotating keepers, only £9.0m, awesome returns if done right

Cons: You HAVE to get it right, frustrating when you have points on the bench

A very popular tactic that I have never personally gone for. I tend to prefer having one keeper that plays so I don’t need to worry about rotating. When Heaton moves to Aston Villa, him and Pope will have a great set of fixtures to benefit from (sou, BOU, EVE, cpl, WHM, NOR, ast, EVE). Ryan and Gunn are also a good pairing to consider.

£5.0m + £4.0m

Pros: Get the most out of fixtures, great value keepers in this range

Cons: No guaranteed starters for 4.0m

Still only costing £9.0m, this will be a popular choice. Leno, Fabianski, Foster and Guaita will be good value picks come the end of the season but there are real question marks over all of these keepers. Fabianski has great fixtures from GW2 onwards and would be my pick of the bunch.

£5.0m + £4.5m

Pros: Starting to get more expensive, good rotation can mean more points

Cons: Getting rotation right, can the money be used elsewhere?

Not a preference of mine as I would rather use the money elsewhere. Some possible combinations that look good for fixtures this year are: Leno/Heaton, Fabianski/Ryan, Foster/Heaton, Guaita/Gunn.

£5.0m + £5.0m

Not viable in my opinion. £10.0m on two starters sounds great but your only playing 1 a week and all the keepers in this bracket have question marks. However, Fabianski and Foster have a beautiful run of fixtures between them (BRI,bri,WHM,NOR,ast).

£5.5m + £4.0m

Pros: A great keeper who will get regular clean sheets and save points

Cons: No backup keeper, only £0.5m and you could have an elite keeper

A great option. Keepers such as Pickford, Kepa, Lloris and De Gea all fall in this bracket and although they have minor issues they will all represent great value by the end of the year. My personal preference would be Lloris or Kepa and there teams are proven in their ability to keep clean sheets which should be essential at £5.5m. A strategy I will probably opt for this season.

£6.0m + £4.0m

Pros: An elite keeper, set and forget

Cons: Take a vital Liverpool or Man City player spot, hoping for a repeat performance

This is my favourite option this year. Ederson and Alisson are this price for a reason. Both averaged more than 4.5PPG which is insane value. ‘Set and forget’ is also an undervalued idea for teams in FPL. If you don’t need to worry about them every week you can spend more time thinking about your captain etc. I would highly recommend this option for your GKs.

Goalkeeper Combinations Table

Price Pairings Keepers to consider Pros Cons Consider?
£4.0m + £4.0m N/A N/A N/A NO
£4.5m + £4.0m Ryan/Button V cheap Only 1 option NO
£4.5m + £4.5m Heaton/Pope Ryan/Gunn Rotation, fixtures Getting rotation right YES
£5.0m + £4.0m Leno/Button Fabianski/Button Foster/Button Guaita/Button Good value No backup YES
£5.0m + £4.5m Leno/Heaton Fabianski/Ryan Foster/Heaton Guaita/Gunn Good rotation Expensive? Getting rotation right NO
£5.0m + £5.0m N/A N/A N/A NO
£5.5m + £4.5m Kepa/Button Lloris/Button Pickford/Button De Gea/Button Clean sheets, save points Afford an elite instead? YES
£6.0m + £4.0m Allison/Button Ederson/Button Set and forget, clean sheets Can they match last season? YES

N.B – Frederick Woodman has emerged as a potential £4.0m candidate should Martin Dubravka leave Newcastle.

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