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FPL GW31 Preview – Sell TAA? Buy Burnley Everton Players?

Fantasy Premier League GW31 is just around the corner. It is coming to the back end of the season and a final push for managers to increase rank.

This week there is another DGW for 2 teams: Burnley and Everton. Here are 3 tips to help navigate you through DGW31.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – Keep or Sell?

Update: Jurgen Klopp has confirmed Alexander-Arnold is back in full training. We now have him at 50% to start against Watford.

The question on a lot of FPL managers this week is whether or not to hold Trent Alexander-Arnold ahead of GW31.

TAA is almost certain to miss GW31 and then faces Man City (a) in GW32. So, is now a good time to sell?

Liverpool’s next 3 fixtures will see him missing the Watford (H) fixture, return for GW32 which is played in a huge game against Man City (a) and then GW33 against Man Utd (H).

Liverpool are a team who do not have a DGW in GW33. So these fixtures are tough on paper and an alternative option may well be the best option. Especially, for those who still have a WC to be played and can easily navigate him back in GW34.

However, a downside to selling TAA this week will be a lot of mangers have budget tied up in him. Therefore, removing him will cost £8.4m to bring him back which could of been team value spent elsewhere.

In short, if you can afford to keep in terms of team selection it could pay off towards the end of the season. On the other hand, if you’re team looks a little weak without him, then your hand may be forced to sell him.

If you are selling Alexander-Arnold, here are the best alternatives.

Andrew Robertson – £7.3m

Robertson has had a fantastic second half of the season and has now taken his assist tally to 10. This is the joint 2nd most in the Premier League.

Liverpool have a 56% chance of keeping a clean sheet in GW31. This, in addition to Robertson’s attacking figures means he is the most obvious switch.

Robertson has also achieved 73 points this calendar year which makes him the highest scoring defender in FPL and is averaging over 9 points a game in this time.

Joao Cancelo – £6.9m

Cancelo has been fantastic this season and passes the eye test every game he plays. Furthermore, he is also looking to increase his goal tally and has taken 19 more shots than any other defender since the start of 2022.

Cancelo has recorded the highest xG this season out of all defensive assets with 3.01. So, like Robertson, Cancelo has the potential for attacking returns in addition to Man City’s 57% chance of a clean sheet.

Antonio Rudiger – £6.1m

Rudiger is also a great transfer in going forward. He is Chelsea’s most nailed defender.

Like Liverpool and Man City, Chelsea have an appealing fixture in which they are actually the most likely team to keep a clean sheet in GW31.

Moreover, Chelsea play Southampton (a) in GW32 whereas Man City and Liverpool face off against each other.

Also, Chelsea have an additional fixture to be played over them. This is something more noteworthy for those who have already used a wildcard.

Burnley and Everton Players – Buy or Trap?

Burnley and Everton are the only 2 teams who have a DGW. So is it worth bringing in any player for this double?

Both teams still have 2 extra fixtures to be re-arranged before the end of the season. Therefore, in addition to the double in GW31, they will have two more before the end of the season.

Burnley, who play Man City (H) and Everton (a) isn’t the best DGW but they do go on to play Norwich (a) in GW32, and a DGW of West Ham (a) and Southampton (H) in GW33.

Wout Weghorst – £6.4m

An option for these 5 games across 3 weeks could be Wout Weghorst. He has registered a 0.23 npxG since coming to the premier league and may add to his goal tally over the next couple of weeks.

However, he has already disappointed a number of managers across the previous DGW in GW27 and may well be a punt after recording just one goal and one assist since GW25.

Ben Mee – £4.7m

A second Burnley option defence, should he be fit, is Ben Mee.

With regards to underlying stats he is the best defender to choose for Burnley and has registered 1840 minutes this season. Proving when fit, he is nailed to start and can be dangerous from set pieces against upcoming opposition.

Meanwhile, Everton have two away fixtures against West Ham (a) and Burnley (a).

Anthony Gordon – £4.5m

With respect to Everton assets, at just £4.5m Anthony Gordon could be an option. He has started Everton’s last 7 Premier League matches and has excellent underlying numbers for his price tag.

He has registered an impressive npxGi of 0.22 this season and at just £4.5m can be a player who you don’t necessarily need to start every week.

Richarlison – £7.5m

Another attacking option for Everton could be the 5% ownership of Richarlison. It’s interesting to note that Everton’s fixtures in this DGW are both without a clean sheet in their previous three games.

Since GW27, both Burnley and Everton are ranked bottom for shots taken as well as shots on target, so neither boast an impressive attacking threat as of late.

Interestingly, the attackers of Weghorst and Richarlison may be suitable replacements for Raul Jimenez. The Mexican forward is suspended until GW33 due to picking up a red card against Leeds.