FPL Man Utd Guide: Best Players, Set Piece Takers and Fixture Analysis

Man Utd had arguably the best transfer window in the Premier League, making their players even more noteworthy when it come to FPL 2021/22. The acquisitions of Jadon Sancho (£73m) and Raphael Varane (£41m) solidified both strength in depth and an improved starting 11.

Whilst they aren’t really being talked about as title contenders, should Ole Gunnar Solskjaer devise a system to accommodate for his lack of a traditional, high quality Number 6, the Utd assets could thrive from both a defensive and attacking standpoint.

Man Utd players look good to get on early as they have a great set of fixtures in their first six.

The article below analyses the 6 best Man Utd players, their system and potential change in it which could have big altercations for numerous assets. It concludes with a deeper dive into those first six fixtures and a strategy to navigate for afterwards.

Man Utd Best Players FPL

The six Manchester Utd assets which look the most appealing are listed below, and are ranked in order. It must be stated that any other asset not mentioned in this list doesn’t come close to comparing in value to the one’s listed.

The best Man Utd players to pick in FPL are:

  1. Luke Shaw (£5.5m)
  2. Bruno Fernandes (£12.0m)
  3. Mason Greenwood (£7.5m)
  4. Harry Maguire (£5.5m)
  5. Aaron Wan-Bissaka (£5.5m)
  6. David De Gea (£5.0m)

Luke Shaw

Firstly his ownership alone for a defender is staggering. At 54% he is head and shoulders above any other defender in terms of “Teams selected by %” (Trent Alexander-Arnold is next at 31%). Not owning him early on, assuming he returns consistently will lead to two major problems.

Firstly, he’s got a very high ceiling. His xA last year of 5.56 is tremendous and whilst the returns didn’t materialise, in the long run these things even themselves out. Consequently, we can expect him to reap the rewards of his creativity this season.

In terms of his chances of getting more clean sheets, recruiting a Champions League and World Cup winning Centre-Back in Raphael Varane, and De Gea appearing to find form again, are both positive signs.

Given his price point of £5.5m only Rudiger, and Cresswell to an extent, are of competition at that level. He is a great pick, evidenced by his TSB.

Bruno Fernandes

The general consensus would most likely dictate that Fernandes should be 1st in this order rather than second. However, at his price point of £12.0m I think he takes up such a large allocation of your budget (assuming you also have Salah), that the money being spread elsewhere is actually more likely to bring you more points.

As an example, acquiring Bruno would mean the need for at least two enablers in the squad and one budget player (Ivan Toney, £6.5m). This isn’t a bad thing because at the mid-priced range there are several great value options: Barnes, Havertz, Jota, Gundogan and Greenwood.

Clearly as an asset alone without the external factors he’s brilliant. He has the underlying statistics in his favour, attacking output and seems to be positioned well in the 4-3-3 for his playstyle (more detail on the matter in the formation section).

However, FPL as a game is relative not absolute, to most. The desire to win trumps optimisation and as such there is an argument for “BruNO”.

Mason Greenwood

Greenwood is a stellar option to start the season with. He had a great end to last season and showcased what he can do with regular starts.

Between Gameweek 31-38 he recorded 5 goals and 1 assist, primarily from the right side. To put it in perspective, during that time period Bruno only scored twice and got one assist.

His natural ability for attacking output is what makes him a standout option. Combine this with a full preseason where he has had time to recover and build up fitness, and the fact he’s scoring, all makes a very bullish case to pick him.

In addition when Martial left the field against Everton he played as a Number. 9, which makes him an even more attractive pick.

Harry Maguire and Aaron Wan-Bissaka

No need to overcomplicate this problem as many of the variables are the same for both and were discussed in the Shaw section above.

Both play in good defences which are improved with Varane’s arrival.

Maguire arguably has a greater attacking appeal (headed goals from set pieces) than Wan-Bissaka. Meanwhile, the former Crystal Palace man’s attacking returns from last season are unsustainable due to the quality and frequency of chance creation from himself.

David De Gea

The Spaniard creates an interesting dilemna as at £5.0m.

He most definitely doesn’t have the highest ceiling. He is however a banker for a certain (respectable) amount of clean sheets.

His selection in your team simply depends on your FPL playstyle whether you want to take the risk for a higher ceiling keeper, or practically know you will get an above average amount of points.


Formation: 4-2-3-1/4-3-3

Whether Ole chooses to switch permanently to the 4-3-3 is unknown. However based off preseason evidence the change wouldn’t make too much of a difference anyway.

Bruno Fernandes is still operating as a very advanced Number. 8. This means the volume of chances he is getting to shoot or create from is still of a high magnitude.

As someone who is brave/erratic on the ball (dependent on perspective), this is essential to ensuring he maintains his attacking output.

There won’t be too much difference if any when it comes to the 4-2-3-1 should they use that. It wouldn’t be surprising if the “McFred” partnership is split up and Pogba plays as a box to box Number. 8 due to Varane’s arrival. This is dependent on Pogba’s defensive discipline which he will have to showcase in training.

The only thing with the 4-3-3 is that without two Number. 6’s, especially considering the sole Number. 6 would have to operate in a huge amount of space, Utd may struggle to cope defensively on the transition.

Luckily Maguire is very good at stepping up quickly and aggressively, but teams can certainly still exploit this.


The first six fixtures are as good as it gets and it’s unnecessary to overcomplicate the matter.

The concern for managers will be regarding their longevity after Gameweek 7 where they face a difficult fixture run.

Tripling up on Man Utd players is risky but if they prove defensively fixture proof like last season, then Shaw could be a mainstay all season.

In regards to the attacking assets, be flexible and look to see how they perform in the first 6-8 Gameweek’s before making a rash decision. That way they can face some sterner tests and you have a greater sample size to make your decisions from.

Manchester Utd Set Piece Takers

Team Penalty Takers Free Kick + Corner Kick Takers
Manchester Utd Fernandes, Rashford, Cavani Fernandes, Rashford, Pogba, Fred, Greenwood, Shaw

Penalty Taker

Man Utd’s penalty taker is Bruno Fernandes. Should he be on the pitch he most certainly will take the spot kick as he boasts a very impressive record. He has scored an astonishing 41 out of 44 penalties.

The other three candidates don’t have quite the same record from the spot, Pogba missed numerous earlier in his Utd career and we all saw what happened with Rashford at the Euro’s.

Free Kicks + Corner Kicks

Fernandes is Man Utd’s primary direct and indirect free kick taker. The likes of Fred, Rashford and Pogba will also be wanting direct free kicks too, so there are plenty of candidates.

Meanwhile, Shaw will share indirect free kicks responsibility with Fernandes.

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