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FPL Manager Comparison Tool: Who’s Better?

FPL managers are a competitive bunch.

There will be debates across the world between friends as to who the better Fantasy Premier League manager is.

What makes one better than another is hard to quantify. Some will argue recent seasons should take precedence, one-off high rankings shouldn’t count, and even certain averages are more accurate than others.

So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to answer the question: who is the better FPL manager?

Who’s The Better FPL Manager?

Enter two FPL team IDs below to get a full head to head comparison between them and even bluntly answer who is better.

If you don’t know how to find your FPL ID, we explain how to do so on our FPL Live Rank checker page.

How to Find Your Friend’s FPL ID

Here’s how to find your friend’s FPL team ID in Fantasy Premier League:

  1. While logged into your FPL account, click the ‘Leagues & Cups’ tab
  2. Go to a mini-league that you know your friend is in and click it
  3. Find them on the list and click their team name
  4. In the URL, you’ll find a number in between the ‘entry’ and ‘event’ text – this is their FPL team ID

In the example below the team ID is 73796.

How To Find Friend FPL Team ID