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FPL Most Captained Tables – Top 10k, 1k and 100 Managers

There is arguably nothing more important in Fantasy Premier League than who you captain.

Picking a differential captain can provide a much needed boost up the global rankings but in the long term it will cost you points.

You won’t always get rewarded for picking the statistically best captain but over a season it will pay dividends.

There’s no better way to determine who the best captain pick is by seeing who the top FPL managers give the captain’s armband to. Outside of our best FPL captain page that is.

That’s why we created the below tables to show who the most captained player is from each of the top:

We also share the most picked players in FPL for the top 10k, 1k and 100 managers.

Top 10k Captain Picks Table

NameTeamPositionPriceCaptain %

Top 1k Captain Picks Table

NameTeamPositionPriceCaptain %

Top 100 Captain Picks Table

NameTeamPositionPriceCaptain %

Generally, the top 10k managers is made up of those who have picked the best captains. This becomes more true as the season progresses.

It is also fascinating to see if any of the top 100 FPL managers deviate from the obvious captain pick that gameweek.

For example if Mohamed Salah is at home to a relegation threatened team, you will expect him to be captained by nearly all.

However, maybe Ronaldo has an equally good fixture or a few managers decide to take a chance on Trent Alexander-Arnold in the same fixture.

Furthermore, having this information available also let’s you know which players you want, and don’t want, to do well. Especially if you’re competing with the elite in Fantasy Premier League.