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FPL Player Form Table – Live Data

The most simplistic method of selecting players for your Fantasy Premier League team would be to look at who has the most points.

In reality, there is far more to it than that and that’s where form comes into play.

The below table shows FPL player form based on their point totals. You can filter between the last 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Gameweeks.

Player Form Table

Player Points Last 6 GWs Last 5 GWs Last 4 GWs Last 3 GWs Last 2 GWs Last GW Team Position Pick %

By default, the form table is sorted by points over the last 6 Gameweeks. To sort the table by another column simply click the column header.

You can change between the last 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 GWs using the drop-down box located above the table on the left-hand side.

When deciding who to transfer in and out player form is arguably a more important metric than total points. This is because form enables you to see who's playing well right now.

However, you do need to distinguish between a one-time lucky GW or whether a player is coming into form.

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For example, if a forward scores three goals in two Gameweeks, out-scoring his xG by 2.5 then there are naturally questions about whether those points are sustainable.

Equally, if a defensive midfielder scores in back-to-back GWs, and has no previous record of regularly scoring goals, then that's a player you should likely avoid.

The relationship between FPL points and form is an interesting one.

Like any other metrics, there are always other factors to consider, not least fixtures, so use form as an indicator only.