FPL Player Position Changes

FPL Player Position Changes

This season’s Fantasy Premier League has been live for just over 24 hours now. Each season, naturally, there are FPL player position changes. These changes have a major effect on FPL manager’s choices as the point differentials between two positions can be significant. 10 players have had their position changed from last season. Here are all 10 of those FPL player position changes:

Table of FPL Player Position Changes

Player Team Price OLD Position NEW Position
Roberto Firmino Liverpool £8.5m Midfielder Forward
Joshua King Bournemouth £7.5m Midfielder Forward
James Milner Liverpool £6.5m Midfielder Defender
Victor Moses Chelsea £6.5m Midfielder Defender
Ahmed Musa Leicester £6.5m Forward Midfielder
Jay Rodriguez West Brom £6.0m Midfielder Forward
Chris Brunt West Brom £5.5m Defender Midfielder
Modou Barrow Swansea £5.0m Forward Midfielder
Sam McQueen Southampton £4.5m Midfielder Defender
Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool £4.5m Midfielder Defender

James Milner – £6.5m

The stand out FPL position change this season is James Milner switching from a midfielder to a defender. Had he been listed as a defender last season he would have scored 182 points. (Bonus remaining the same). This would have actually put him at the top of the FPL defender scoring charts. Naturally a lot of Milner’s value comes from him being Liverpool’s penalty taker. It is notable he scored a penalty in a friendly against Tranmere yesterday.

Joshua King – £7.5m

Bournemouth’s top scorer last season, Joshua King, proved to be the best value FPL player last season being listed as a midfielder for £5.5m. Unsurprisingly he is now listed as forward and has a big price increase to £7.5m. In his new position his 16 goals and 2 assists would have converted to 153 points. That is 25 less than his actual 178 total. Once again this is assuming bonus point totals remained the same however.

Roberto Firmino – £8.5m

Played as a central striker throughout last season, Firmino has received similar treatment to King being changed from a midfielder to a forward. If his bonus points had stayed the same between both positions he would have got 22 points less, 158. Klopp looks unlikely to include Firmino out wide this season and will face competition from Daniel Sturridge and Divock Origi up front.

Victor Moses – £6.5m

The Chelsea wing-back would have been a popular pick last season. However, most weren’t able to do so because the loss of points in being a midfielder was too inefficient. That has changed this season though as Moses is rightfully listed as a defender. If he was a defender last season he would have scored 159 points. He may well of got more bonus points also so in actuality 159 may be a conservative estimate.


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