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FPL Predicted Points Table – FREE

In its simplest form, the aim of Fantasy Premier League is to get the most points which is why we have created this FREE FPL points predictor table.

After all, the research FPL managers put in before every gameweek is in an attempt to work out a player’s expected points.

We have made two tables to please FPL managers who want their predicted points on the assumption a player is starting and those who want starting likelihood already factored in.

Given the amount of work and research that has gone into the formula, we are confident that this points predictor is the most accurate on the web. And it’s absolutely free!

Click the links below to scroll to the tables:

Point predictions will be updated throughout the week for the gameweek. They are based on our Premier League clean sheet odds page and various other factors.

Point prediction table status:

  • Tables updated for FPL GW28

Important: Until the above shows the current GW, the below predicted points are unfinished at best.

If you prefer to know every player’s chances of scoring and/or getting an assist, then visit our Premier League goalscorer and assist odds.

Fantasy Premier League GW28 Predicted Points (based on player starting percentages)

Name Predicted
Start Team Position Ownership Price Fixture Fixture 2

The points forecasts use a complicated formula to predict how many points every player in the Premier League will return in a given gameweek.

The predicted points will often change throughout the week (slightly) due to updated team news and odds changing.

Consequently, the first table shows predicted points accounting for the starting percentages from our Fantasy Premier League team news page. The second one (below) assumes all listed players will start.

In regards to starting percentages, we don't give any player (outside of goalkeepers) more than a 90% chance of starting. So, if you are certain a player will start (for example Harry Kane) then you can use the 'assuming starting' table below.

Fantasy Premier League GW28 Predicted Points (assuming starting)

Name Predicted
Team Position Ownership Price Fixture Fixture 2

As the second table assumes all players will start it is wise to take greater note of the first one. It also assumes they will play the majority of minutes.

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However, should you want to know a player's predicted points, regardless of their likelihood of starting, then this is the points forecast to use.