FPL Strategy – Rest of Season

FPL Strategy - Rest of Season

FPL Strategy – Rest of Season

We are getting towards crunch time in this season’s Fantasy Premier League. A good FPL strategy from this point on is likely to be the difference having, or not having, a successful FPL campaign. We look at the important factors that influence FPL strategy for the remainder of the FPL season. Ideally you will have all of, if not most of, your FPL chips available still. Regardless, we discuss the rest of season strategy options below. To make things clearer we will look at these strategy options broken down by Gameweeks.

Gameweek 31

The fixtures for Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 31 have been confirmed and there will be only four fixtures. For reference these are Bournemouth vs West Brom, Huddersfield vs Crystal Palace, Liverpool vs Watford and Stoke vs Everton. It has been clear there will be several blank fixtures in this Gameweek for a while now. As a result your FPL teams should already be prepared for this. If this Gameweek flew under the radar for you the best option to save Gameweek 31 would be to use your free hit chip. However, using the free hit chip would be a big loss as it could come in very handy in one of the future Double Gameweeks. One thing we would not recommend doing is taking multiple four point hits to field a full team. Doing so would put you at a big disadvantage in Gameweek 32 and also mean you might have to waste your second wildcard (if still available of course).

Gameweek 33

Once again if your wildcard is available, we think this would be the best time to use it. This would allow you to stock up on teams with one or two Double Gameweeks. Moreover, it is important to use the wildcard not on a Double Gameweek. It is expected that Double Gameweeks will occur in Gameweek 34 and 37. In these you should be using your bench boost and triple captain chips. If you were to use your wildcard in one of these this would prevent you from using these chips.

Gameweek 34 and Gameweek 37

The football calendar suggests that Gameweek 34 and 37 will be the most likely contenders for Double Gameweeks. We will avoid analysing the potential Double Gameweek fixtures until they become more certain. One thing we do know though it is imperative that the bench boost and triple captain chips are used in the Double Gameweeks. The bench boost chip will ideally be used when most of, hopefully all of,  your squad have two fixtures. The triple captain chip should be used when the likes of Harry KaneSergio Aguero and the other top players have two attractive fixtures. Alternatively if you’re lagging behind in your respective leagues you could give the triple captain chip to a differential player to try and bridge that gap. We will analyse Double Gameweek fixtures fully when the FA Cup quarter finals are complete.

Gameweek 35

That brings us on to Gameweek 35. The current odds of particular teams reaching the FA Cup semi final suggest there will be at least three blank fixtures in Gameweek 35, with that number potentially going up to 5. This is where discipline and preparation from earlier in the season comes into play. The ideal scenario is you can focus your team on the Double Gameweeks and be able to use your free hit chip this week. If that isn’t possible you’ll need to adjust your team so you can field close to a full team in Gameweek 35 whilst considering a team for the big opportunity that is those Double Gameweeks. You can keep track of these Double Gameweeks as well as the odds of which fixtures will be blank in Gameweek 35 here: https://www.fantasyfootballpundit.com/double-gameweek-schedule/

Alternative Strategy

If you’re using another FPL strategy or have any other ideas on how to play the rest of the season discuss it with us on Social Media.


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