FPL Strategy – With and Without Wildcard

FPL Strategy - With and Without Wildcard

FPL Strategy

From now until the end of the season will be make or break for many FPL managers. Looking into FPL strategy for this period is vital. Double Gameweeks, wildcards and unused triple captain/bench boost chips are all contributing factors to what is the most important part of the FPL season. Some of you will still have your second wildcard and other chips whilst others will have no wildcard and already have used the triple captain/bench boost chips. As a result we are going to discuss separate strategies for those with and without their second FPL wildcard chip. For reference, the below table shows the fixture difficulty for each team from Gameweek 33 until the end of the season. A minimum rating of 6 has been given to any Double Gameweek in an effort to make the table as accurate as possible.

FPL Fixture Difficulty - Gameweek 33 Onwards

With Wildcard

Having a wildcard makes preparing for the remaining Gameweeks a lot simpler. Below is what we consider the optimum strategy based on each Gameweek.

Gameweek 33 and Gameweek 34

Transfer in Crystal Palace, Man Utd or Middlesbrough player(s) in preparation for their Double Gameweeks.

Gameweek 35

Use your wildcard. As per the fixture difficulty table above the focus should be primarily on Arsenal and Southampton players. A strong preference should also be put on Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea players. Beyond that make sure any players you bring in have a Double Gameweek 37.

Gameweek 36 and Gameweek 37

Use either your triple captain or bench boost chip. As there are a lot more teams with a Double Gameweek in Gameweek 37 it would probably be wise to use the triple captain chip first. However, Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea all have very appealing fixture in Gameweek 37 and as such a lot of FPL managers will opt to use the triple captain here. Your decision for this should be based on whether you feel the additional points of using the bench boost outweigh the appealing individual fixtures to use your triple captain on. We would lean toward using your triple captain in Gameweek 36 and your bench boost in Gameweek 37.

Without Wildcard

If you have already used your wildcard you will need to implement a more long term strategy on the remaining fixtures.

Transfer In

The first thing that stands out is Arsenal, Man Utd and Southampton all have two Double Gameweeks. Therefore you should be transferring in these players from this point forward. Secondary to that Chelsea and Man City have one Double Gameweek and great fixtures in the other Gameweeks. It is important you have coverage from all of these teams.

Transfer Out

Any players you transfer out should be from the following list of teams:

  • Liverpool
  • Bournemouth
  • Everton
  • Hull
  • Stoke
  • Burnley
  • Swansea
  • West Ham

Some of you will note that Liverpool do have reasonable to decent fixtures for the remainder of the season. That is true but the Double Gameweeks of other teams, on average, will outweigh the points Liverpool players score here. The other teams rank low on the fixture difficulty table and don’t have any Double Gameweeks thus should be transferred out. Post Gameweek 34 you should also be transferring out Middlesbrough players.

Playing Catch Up – Differentials

If you are behind in your leagues you should play a slightly different FPL strategy. You should still focus on the teams that have Double Gameweeks as these teams are statistically overwhelming favorites to surpass those that don’t. You should focus on players from these teams with lower pick percentages and look to captain players who others won’t. We discuss some differential player options here:¬†https://www.fantasyfootballpundit.com/differential-players-fpl/