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FPL Top 10k, 1k and 100 Managers Ownership Tables

Player pick % in Fantasy Premier League is an important consideration when picking your FPL team.

That’s why we’ve created the below tables that share the latest FPL player ownership data for each of the top:

Highly selected players are often indicative of a good pick whereas lowly picked players can suggest the opposite.

A lot can change in a short time in Fantasy Premier League, though. Fixtures, a change in form and of course injuries/suspensions can make a highly picked player less attractive than their FPL pick % suggests.

Therefore, it can also be wise to look at gameweek transfers in/out to see which players are popular (or not) at the present time.

Elsewhere, we also share the most captained players for each of the top 10k, 1k and 100 FPL managers.

Top 10k Ownership Table


Top 1k Ownership Table


Top 100 Ownership Table


There are a lot of managers that disregard their team early on in the season. This can inflate the TSB of popular players from early in the season.

It also means players that have become increasingly more appealing are selected by less managers than they should be.

As a result, it is better to look at the ownership of the top ranked managers in the world.

This shows you the decision of making of the best performing managers and also removes ‘idol’ teams from the equation.

If you are fighting within the top 10k of FPL managers then you can actually use this data to make calculated risks.

For example, if ownership percentages show Heung Min Son is highly picked among the top 10k (or top 1k/top 100 if you’re battling that high up) then you could go in a different direction just to have a differential pick over them.

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This logic can also be applied to captain decisions whereby you give the armband to someone to have a differential captain.

Our FPL captain pick data for the top 10k, 1k and 100 (coming soon) will help you with this.