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Highest Scoring FPL Players in History

With so many legends gracing the Premier League, it’s interesting to know which players have scored the most points in FPL history.

Here are the highest point scorers (in a single season).

It’s safe to say if you avoided any of these players then you’d have had a frustrating season.

Most FPL Points Scored

Here are the top players with the most points in FPL history:

12. Robin van Persie 12/13 season – 262 points

This was van Persie’s first season at Man Utd following his controversial transfer from Arsenal.

26 goals, 262 FPL points, and a Premier League title to boot showed the controversy didn’t affect RVP on the pitch, though.

11. Harry Kane 22/23 season – 263 points

It’s somewhat of a surprise to see Harry Kane only feature on this list once, given the supreme consistency he has shown in FPL.

2022/23 was a remarkable season for Kane, scoring 30 times and assisting 9.

The season is made even more impressive considering Tottenham were lackluster throughout, only finishing 8th.

10. Alexis Sanchez 16/17 season – 264 points

Unfortunately, many football fans remember Sanchez for his time at Man Utd.

However, he was a different player at Arsenal, arguably the best in the Premier League at the time.

He scored 24 goals, resulting in an impressive 264 FPL points.

9. Mohamed Salah 21/22 season – 265 points

Salah’s 265 points is the most that has been seen in Fantasy Premier League since 18/19.

His 14 assists (at least according to FPL) are the most he has provided in a season since he joined Liverpool. His 23 goals alongside this were enough for another Premier League golden boot.

An even more crazy Salah stat is that in his time at Liverpool he has averaged 259 FPL points a season.

So, 265 points is massive for many but for Salah it’s just above average. That’s why it should come as no surprise he’s featured again below.

8. Frank Lampard 04/05 season – 269 points

Lampard’s 269 points came thanks to 13 goals and 18 assists. These played a large part in Chelsea’s first Premier League title win.

Interestingly Henry fell 38 points short of this total despite scoring 25 goals.

7. Robin van Persie 11/12 season – 269 points

RVP had a dream opening season at Man Utd but his highest FPL points return came at Arsenal.

The 30 goals he scored this season, along with his first season exploits at Man Utd, resulted in him being priced at £14.0m to begin the 13/14 season. This is the most expensive starting price for a player in FPL ever.

6. Erling Haaland 22/23 season – 272 points

If you didn’t own Erling Haaland in the 2022/23 season it wouldn’t have gone well for you.

He scored 36 times while providing 9 assists.

Interestingly, he only played 2,767 minutes of a possible 3,420, making his 272 points in his debut season all the more astounding.

5. Thierry Henry 02/03 season – 273 points

He may only appear once on this list but Henry dominated Fantasy Premier League in the early days.

Outside of Lampard’s 269 points (above), he finished top point scorer every season.

The only other player to score more than 200 points from the 02/03 to 05/06 season was Robert Pires (216).

Henry’s lowest FPL points return in those seasons was 231.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo 07/08 season – 283 points

Ronaldo’s 31 goals while listed as a midfielder earns him 4th place on the all-time FPL performers list with 283 points.

The only player to beat his 31 goals is Salah (more on that below).

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To put into perspective just how prolific Ronaldo was in the 07/08 season, he scored 31 goals in 2,746 minutes.

In contrast, he has scored 18 in 2,454 in 21/22 – which is still considered a good season!

3. Frank Lampard 09/10 season – 284 points

Alongside van Persie and Salah, Lampard also appears twice on this list.

It is often discussed who was the better player out of Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard. From a goal contribution standpoint, the answer is clear.

The 09/10 season was Lampard’s best, scoring 22 times and assisting 14. Having made 36 appearances, he averaged a goal contribution in every game.

Interestingly he made the FPL dream team in 7 of the first 8 seasons the game existed!

2. Luis Suarez 13/14 season – 295 points

It’s no wonder 13/14 Suarez is considered one of the best strikers ever.

His 31 goals, 25 assists (as credited by FPL), and 40 points resulted in an incredible 295 points.

What’s even crazier about this return is the Uruguayan was suspended for Liverpool’s first 5 Premier League matches.

That’s only the start of what could have been for Suarez and a surely unbeatable FPL record – none of his 31 goals came from a penalty!

That responsibility was given to Steven Gerrard who scored 10 of his 11 Premier League penalties that season.

If for argument’s sake Suarez had taken and scored the same he would have finished the season on at least 335 points.

With the above in mind, it’s hard to argue that this is the greatest single performance in an FPL season ever.

1. Mohamed Salah 17/18 season – 303 points

Salah is the highest-scoring player in any FPL season, scoring 303 points in 17/18.

He is the only player to break the 300-point barrier in Fantasy Premier League.

The Egyptian king has the highest of expectations to live up to and in Fantasy Premier League terms he has yet to disappoint.

His 303 points in 17/18 came via 32 goals, 12 assists, and 26 bonus points.

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What’s more he started that season at a relatively measly £9.0m, finishing it at £10.6m. Since then he hasn’t started any season below £12.0m.

Some FPL managers find it controversial that he is listed as a midfielder with many arguing his average position warrants him being changed to a forward.

Regardless, Salah is truly an FPL points machine. He breaks 200 points with seeming ease every season and terrifies non-owners – and justifiably so.