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How to Play (And Win) EURO 2024 Fantasy Football

EURO 2024 starts June 14 and to the delight of fantasy managers everywhere there is an official EURO 2024 fantasy game.

EURO 2024 fantasy works differently to FPL though, so let’s go through how the game works.

EURO 2024 Fantasy Rules

Rather than regurgitating all the rules of EURO 2024 fantasy, you can find them in their entirety here.

For those of you familiar with the Champions League fantasy game you’ll be in good stead for the EURO one.

But for managers who only play FPL there are some big differences. Let’s have a look at them.


Matchdays are what gameweeks are to FPL.

Due to the structure of EURO 2024, the matchdays (and number of transfers before each) are as follows:

  • MD1: First set of group games (Unlimited)
  • MD2: Second set of group games (2)
  • MD3: Third and final set of group games (2)
  • MD4: Round of 16 (Unlimited)
  • MD5: Quarter-finals (3)
  • MD6: Semi-final (4)
  • MD7: Final (5)

The number of players you’re allowed to have from each team also differs by matchday:

  • MD1 to MD3: 3 players from each nation
  • MD4: 4 players from each nation
  • MD5: 5 players from each nation
  • MD6: 6 players from each nation
  • MD7: 7 players from each nation


There are two chips to use in EURO 2024 fantasy: Wildcard and Limitless Wildcard.

The Wildcard doesn’t need too much explanation for FPL players, it works in the same way.

That’s unlimited transfers between any matchday of your choosing. Remember to use it wisely though as you have unlimited transfers before MD4.

The second chip is the Limitless Wildcard – and this is a fun one.

Once again, it is the same as a traditional Wildcard but this time you have an unlimited budget.

The caveat is any transfers you make apply for that matchday only and your team will revert to its pre-Limitless Wildcard state in the following matchday.


EURO 2024 Fantasy Team
Put players playing in later fixture on the bench… and make sure your first captain features in the earliest match too!

You’re probably thinking how matchday and chips work is fairly easy to grasp. Subs are a little tougher to understand but extremely important.

In FPL, subs are automatic. If one of your players doesn’t play, the first available sub replaces that player at the end of the gameweek.

Conversely, in EURO fantasy subs are manual.

Once a player has played, you have the option to sub him out for any player sitting on your bench.

The optimum strategy for this is a little complicated for those of you unfamiliar with the system.

In short, you want players who play first to be in your first 11 and those at the end of the matchday on the bench. That way you can remove players who perform poorly.

We discuss this in greater depth, alongside other more advanced tactics, in our expert guide to EURO 2024 fantasy.


The captaincy in EURO 2024 fantasy works in a similar way to subs.

After every calendar day you can switch your captain.

That means every new day (not to be confused with matchday) is an opportunity to strike gold on your captain pick.

Therefore, it becomes an important decision: do you bank the points you already have from your captain or do you roll the dice for more?

As each matchday progresses, the chance of hitting that captaincy haul diminishes so don’t leave yourself with a 1 or 2 point captain!

Scoring Points

Point scoring in EURO fantasy is largely the same as FPL.

The differences are as follows:

  • Goal from outside the box: 1 point (in addition to points for the goal)
  • Every 3 balls recovered: 1 point
  • Player of the Match award: 3 points
  • Winning a penalty: 2 points (separate to an assist)
  • Conceding a penalty: -1 point

We will comprehensively cover EURO 2024 fantasy including the best picks from each nation and as the first fixture approaches predicted lineups for every team.