When to use your wildcard in Champions League fantasy football?

Unlike Fantasy Premier League, the Champions League version of fantasy football has two separate types of wildcard – the traditional one and the Limitless Wildcard.

What is a ‘Wildcard’ and ‘Limitless Wildcard?

Each of these can be used once in a season and their definitions are as follows as per the official rules:

  • Wildcard: Used to make unlimited transfers free of charge for one matchday. These transfers will continue for the matchdays ahead.
  • Limitless wildcard: The Limitless Wildcard enables the user to create a team without any budget restrictions and affords them unlimited transfers for one matchday. Unlike the normal wildcard, these transfers apply for one week only, with your squad defaulting back to how it was previous to using the limitless wildcard.

When Should You Use Them?

So with that information, the questions remains when should you use either your wildcard or limitless wildcard boosts?

Firstly, let’s look at the limitless wildcard. It makes sense to use the limitless wildcard when you can make the most of the premium players, when there is the biggest gap in quality between teams, i.e. the group stage.

There are 5 more matchdays in the group stages which theoretically means 5 opportunities to use the limitless wildcard (or just wildcard). After a quick glance at the upcoming fixtures MD2, MD3 and MD4 appear to have the best fixtures to make the most of the limitless wildcard.

MD2 Fixtures

  • Real Madrid vs Club Brugge
  • Man City vs Dinamo Zagreb
  • Juventus vs Leverkusen
  • Galatasaray vs PSG
  • Liverpool vs Salzburg
  • Barcelona vs Inter Milan

MD3 Fixtures

  • Olympiacos vs Bayern Munich
  • Man City vs Atalanta
  • Galatasaray vs Real Madrid
  • Tottenham vs Crvena zvezda
  • Juventus vs Lokomotiv Moscow
  • Genk vs Liverpool
  • Slavia Prague vs Barcelona

MD4 Fixtures

  • Barcelona vs Slavia Prague
  • Liverpool vs Genk
  • Lokomotiv Moscow vs Juventus
  • PSG vs Club Brugge
  • Real Madrid vs Galatasaray
  • Atalanta vs Man City
  • Crvena zvezda vs Tottenham

Based on home fixtures for the big teams, MD2 looks to be the best option. However, MD4 may be a better option for some as the fixtures are slightly easier in terms of opponents and there are more to choose from.

It also depends on how good your team is looking ahead of MD2 without using some form of wildcard (remember you do have two transfers to use).

You can set yourself up for these next three matchdays with a normal wildcard but unfortunately you are limited by budget constraints.

There are various strategies that can be used here but the one that stands out for us is to use the limitless wildcard in MD4, assuming you are in good enough shape for MD2. From there a normal wildcard in MD5 will allow you to pick up players who have two good remaining fixtures such as Man City, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and even Juventus or Barcelona.

There is no absolute best strategy when it comes to the wildcards and some may even have an entirely different opinion where they save one for the knockout stages. Either way, it will be interesting to see what the UCL Fantasy community do in the coming weeks.

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