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Limitless Wildcard Guide in EURO 2024 Fantasy

In EURO 2024 fantasy you have two chips to use: the Wildcard and Limitless Wildcard.

The Wildcard is the same as FPL but the Limitless Wildcard is unique.

The Limitless allows you to select a squad with no budget constraints for that matchday only. The following matchday, your squad will then revert to how it was before using it.

So, when you use it will have a strong bearing on your final rank.

On the transfer page, you can use either your Wildcard or Limitless Wildcard by clicking the icons above your squad

Best Time to Use Limitless Wildcard in EURO Fantasy

Anytime you can pick a team for a matchday with an infinite budget is a big deal. It’s likely your team will score significantly more points this matchday than any other.

So, choosing the right matchday to use this coveted chip is paramount.

The premise of the Limitless is that you want to target fixtures with the biggest odds discrepancy, ie select players from teams that are most likely to win.

Notably, you can’t use it in MD1 or MD4, which ironically might have been the best time to do so.

It’s important to note you get unlimited transfers before these matchdays anyway and, just to clarify, the transfers are limited to your budget.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the other options. For each matchday we’ll list the most attractive fixtures.

MD2 Limitless

  • Croatia vs Albania
  • Germany vs Hungary
  • Denmark vs England
  • Netherlands vs France
  • Turkey vs Portugal
  • Belgium vs Romania

The weakest teams in EURO 2024 are Georgia, Slovakia, Albania, Romania, and Slovenia.

In MD2, only Albania and Romania feature against any team that could be considered one of the top nations. And even then Croatia and Belgium aren’t among the top 5.

There are also two sets of top teams facing off against each other: Spain vs Italy and Netherlands vs France.

Based on this MD2 doesn’t look like a good time to use your Limitless Wildcard.

However, if you’re confident few managers will use their Limitless here, then it could be worth trying it purely from a differential standpoint.

It might not be optimal but if it does pay off it will do wonders for your global ranking.

MD3 Limitless

  • Switzerland vs Germany
  • Albania vs Spain
  • France vs Poland
  • England vs Slovenia
  • Georgia vs Portugal

MD3 certainly has more appealing fixtures than MD2. There is a downside, though.

If the above teams have all but topped their groups already then there might be some rotation.

If you do opt to go with MD3, then a triple-up on Kylian Mbappe, Harry Kane, and Cristiano Ronaldo seems the way to go.

Other attractive picks include Leroy Sane, Jamal Musiala, Phil Foden, Jude Bellingham, and even Dani Olmo.

Without the use of the Limitless Wildcard all these players together simply aren’t affordable.

MD5 Limitless

MD4 would have been tempting to use the Limitless given 16 of the 24 teams in EURO 2024 which will reach the knockout stages.

There will be relative mismatches but regardless it can’t be used anyway.

MD5, which is the quarter-finals, will probably see the top teams facing off. It would take an upset in the last 16 to give the top teams an easy pass in the quarters.

Therefore, there wouldn’t be any ‘weak’ teams to target in MD5.

But, if you think you can navigate your team through the group stages without falling behind those who use their Limitless, then MD5 is an option.

Best Time to Use ‘Traditional’ Wildcard in EURO Fantasy

The traditional Wildcard chip can be used to optimise your team’s fixtures in the group stage or a get-out-of-jail card if a lot of your players unexpectedly get eliminated in MD4 or MD5.

One option is to use it in MD2. That way you can select a squad for MD1 without needing to consider MD2 or MD3 fixtures.

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You can also do the same but just for MD3, especially if rotation is looking likely.

Between the traditional Wildcard and Limitless, there are only four or five (MD6 for the traditional maybe) so don’t be afraid to waste them. If your team needs either, then use them.

Whatever your choice of strategy, try and decide on a plan before the competition starts. You don’t have to stick to it but it’s good to a strategy in place.