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List of Famous FPL Managers and All Past Winners

Fantasy Premier League has grown massively over the last several years and there are few signs of it slowing down.

FPL is now so popular that many have managers they routinely follow. Consequently, there are now many managers that are somewhat famous.

Some are followed due to how good they are the game, while others are known figures within the FPL community.

On this page we list all known footballer’s FPL teams, other famous FPL managers and highlight all the winners of Fantasy Premier League since the game started in the 2002/03 season.

Footballer’s FPL Teams

Here is a list of known Premier League footballer’s FPL teams:

FootballerClubTeam Link
Bukayo SakaArsenalEl Niño
Eddie NketiahArsenalSteady FC
Matt TurnerArsenalDucklings
Mohamed ElnenyArsenalWinner team
Rob HoldingArsenalNo Holding back
Jacob RamseyAston Villalong fingers
John McGinnAston VillaMeatballers
Jason SteeleBrightonThe Shankaholics
Shane DuffyFulhamcoronas11
Adam ForshawLeedsFc Saus
Luke AylingLeedsstuttering stars
Patrick BamfordLeedsHastalavista baby
Hamza ChoudhuryLeicesterMC Hammer
James JustinLeicesterJust in Time
James MaddisonLeicesterBorrowed Yutes
Kalvin PhillipsMan Citychickentikkamosalah
Matt TargettNewcastleTargett Practice
Jack StephensSouthamptonJS United

Can Footballers Have an FPL Team?

Yes, Premier League footballers are allowed to have a Fantasy Premier League team. There are no rules within FPL or regulations from the FA that prohibit it.

However, there may be rules within certain Premier League clubs that forbid it. This is because transfers they make within their FPL team may leak lineup information.

Read More: Premier League Team News – Predicted Starting Lineups

The problem had become so prevalent that players were told to avoid including players from their own clubs in their fantasy league teams.

As a result, there are likely various other Premier League players playing FPL but doing so under an alias.

Famous FPL Managers

Here is a list of some of the more famous managers that play Fantasy Premier League who aren’t professional footballers:

ManagerBest FinishTeam LinkTwitter
Andy Let’s Talk FPL1,294thinKING out loud@LetsTalk_FPL
Ben Crellin2,157ƃuᴉʞuᴉɥʇuʍopǝpᴉsdn@BenCrellin
Ben Dinnery33,384One-Eyed Man is King@BenDinnery
Cak Juris683Laskar Jember Utara™@masyuris
Fabio Borges95Clichy’s Clean sheets
FPL Mate (Dan)243BSKA Sofia@FPLMate
Jonathan Walters1,697,865Ooh you’re hard@JonWalters19
Jules Breach22,163Breach for the Stars@julesbreach
Magnus Carlsen10KFUM Oslo@MagnusCarlsen
Mark Mansfield227Schmohawks@ginger_assassin
Mark McGettigan102@FPLGeneral@FPLGeneral
Mark Sutherns42Sutherns Comfort@FFScout_Mark
Matt Corbidge1,463Yeezy Taught Me@FPLCorbs
Micah Richards705,566Milanchester FC@MicahRichards
Robert Snodgrass951,1622nd is last@robsnodgrass7

Contact us at @FantasyFPundit if you think anyone else should be on the list.

FPL Winners List – Hall of Fame

Here is a list of past Fantasy Premier League winners:

SeasonManagerTeam NamePointsTwitter
2021/22Jamie PigottFutbol Is Life2,844@Futbolislifefpl
2020/21Michael CooneTeddy Bears Utd2,680@FPL_TeddyBears
2019/20Joshua Bull*The Bulldozers2,557@JoshuaABull
2018/19Adam Levy#TheyAreUs2,659
2017/18Yusuf SheikhYusuf’s Team2,512
2016/17Ben CrabtreeFC Crab Dogg2,564@FC_CrabDogg
2015/16Dimitri NicolaouDimitris gavles2,458@DimitriN23
2014/15Simon MarchAtletico Marchid**2,470@MarchSimon
2013/14Tom FenleyCaptain Suarez!2,634
2012/13Matt MartyniakDivine Mercy2,472
2011/12Sam PaterSamCity2,414
2010/11Chris McGurnMorons FC2,372
2009/10Jon ReesonWestfield Irons2,668
2008/09Sir MoultMOULTANIC2,264
2007/08John FrisinaFRISK UTD2,466
2006/07Mike DolanDivers & Cheats XI2,268
2005/06Tommy WilsonBlue Bridge Brigade2,326
2004/05Andy TomlinsPalace Excile2,253
2003/04Muir O’ConnorThe lonely 112,151
2002/03Graeme HaddowWee Wullie Winkie FC1,940

*Joshua Bull was declared the 2019/20 FPL champion after the Premier League confirmed Aleksander Antonov was “removed from FPL due to a breach of our terms”. His team, TooGoodFPL, scored 2,575 points.

For more information about past Fantasy Premier League seasons check out the FPL Dream Team from every year since the game began.