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Live FPL Rank Checker Tool

FPL managers all have one thing in common: they want as many Fantasy Premier League points as possible in order to get the best overall ranking.

Our live FPL rank check tool will provide your:

  • Overall ranking
  • Where your global ranking stands as a % of all teams
  • Overall points
  • Gameweek rank and points
  • How many points you’re behind/ahead of rank milestones, ie top 10k
  • Overall ranking by each gameweek

How to Find My FPL ID?

Here’s how to get your ID in Fantasy Premier League:

  1. Go to and log in to your account
  2. Click the ‘Points’ tab
  3. In the URL bar, your FPL ID is the number displayed between ‘entry’ and ‘event’ (in the example below it is 73796)

Alternatively, you can find your FPL ID by clicking ‘Gameweek History’ on the right-hand side when you’re on the team selection page.

How To Find FPL ID

What Is a Good FPL Rank?

What constitutes a good FPL rank depends on the skill of the manager.

However, a rank of 10k or better is considered to be a great season by most of the FPL community.

The Fantasy Premier League game gets bigger every season. For example, in the 2022/23 season, there are over 11 million teams.

As a result, reaching the top 10k is becoming increasingly difficult.

Combine that with the amount of free FPL tools readily available, the quality of FPL managers is also getting better.

Therefore, it’s not unreasonable to consider a top 50k finish the equivalent of what a top 10k was several seasons ago.