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New FPL Chips That Would Change the Game

There has been a lot of discussion about FPL chips in the Fantasy Premier League community as of late.

Many FPL managers are wondering whether new chips will be introduced for the 2023/24 FPL season.

The current available chips are wildcard (x2), bench boost, free hit, and triple captain.

All of these can be used only once and, of course, apply to just the gameweek they’re used on.

If the below ideas were added in addition to the above, then we may see more variation in how FPL chips are currently used.

At the moment, chips are primarily saved for double gameweeks. This is because the chips apply to more fixtures and therefore maximises them.

If Fantasy Premier League were to have say 5 chips (in addition to the two wildcards) then chip strategy would be more varied as they would need to be used in single gameweeks.

That’s assuming last season’s double gameweek schedule doesn’t repeat itself.

Here is a speculative list of potential new chips the folks at FPL could make.

Double Captain

There are some gameweeks where you cannot decide on a captain.

Mohamed Salah at home to Leeds and Heung Min Son at home to Fulham? This is where the double captain comes into play.

Instead of selecting the one captain, the double captain chip allows you to select two.

On a technical level it would simply double your vice-captain’s points.

The downside to this is you need to be sure both your captains are playing because if not you’ll miss out.

Limitless Wildcard

The limitless wildcard has been an ever-present feature in Champions League fantasy football.

As the name suggests it is a wildcard but with a limitless budget.

However, it is more akin to the free hit chip whereby the changes to your team are only applied for one gameweek. Perhaps UCL Fantasy got it wrong and should have named it the “limitless free hit”.

So, if there is a particularly appealing gameweek with the top teams all facing relatively easy fixtures then this is the time to use your limitless wildcard.

Of all the chips listed here, this is probably the most likely to be implemented because it’s already been used elsewhere.

Point Boost

If you’re looking at your team and feeling really confident as the deadline approaches, then that’s the time to use the point boost chip.

This FPL chip would multiply your gameweek score by 1.5.

It would add the variance of the game, which some people don’t like, but certainly add to the excitement too.

Plan B

In contrast to the point boost chip, plan B should be used when you’re not feeling confident.

We’ve all had those gameweeks where our teams don’t look up to par, or failed to fully manage an upcoming blank, and this is your get out of jail card.

This chip would guarantee your team their scored points or the gameweek average, whichever is higher.

If that’s too high then Fantasy Premier League could make it 80% of the average. Regardless, it’s insurance if you foresee a tough gameweek coming.

Captain Hindsight

Every FPL manager has at some point looked at their vice-captain and wished they gave them the armband.

This chip changes your captain to the vice instead.

Unlike the other chips discussed however, this would be used the following gameweek.

If that’s too complicated or simply doesn’t work within Fantasy Premier League’s game structure, then it could be made similar to the double captain chip but instead captains whichever player scores more.

Using it the following gameweek would be more interesting, though. This is because it would stop you using another chip the following week and you’d need to consider whether there would be a better opportunity later in the season.

Bench Regret

Much like captains, FPL managers have looked at their bench at some point and felt regret.

There is nothing more annoying than seeing 30 odd points sitting on the bench, going to waste.

This chip has similarities to bench boost but like the captain hindsight chip would be used the following gameweek.

Once used it would add your bench points from last GW to the upcoming gameweeks total.

So, once again it would prevent other chips being used that gameweek and you’d need to work out whether it’s worth saving for later.

It will be interesting to see what changes Fantasy Premier League have in-store for the new campaign.