Popular Players NOT To Pick – FPL 2018/19

Most Popular Players NOT To Pick

Most Popular Players NOT To Pick

Even the greenest of FPL managers know there are some players you just don’t pick. Instead of discussing the obvious players we’re going to discuss the most popular players not to pick.

Markus Suttner, Brighton – £4.0m

A lot of FPL managers have jumped on the Markus Suttner bandwagon – we’re not overly sure why. Obviously being priced at £4.0m makes him far more tempting but that would be only if he starts. During Brighton’s pre-season he didn’t start any of their games, although he did provide an assist in a behind closed doors friendly. Based on last season and this year’s pre-season we can’t expect him to start. New signing Bernardo looks most likely to start the season at left back and Suttner may even be behind Gaetan Bong in the pecking order also. Interestingly a similar situation happened with Swansea’s Angel Rangel last season. He was also priced at £4.0m and was nearly picked by 20% of FPL managers before the season. Kyle Naughton started the season at right back and subsequently Rangel’s pick percentage sharply dropped. Suttner is currently picked by 6.0%.

N’golo Kante, Chelsea – £5.0m

In terms of points per £m, N’golo Kante isn’t the worst pick. In his three Premier League seasons he has averaged just under the 100 point mark and has one goal with a couple of assists in each of them. With Kante you can put a good guess on what his returns will be. However his points per match of 2.97 just isn’t enough if you’re trying to hit the upper echelons of Fantasy Premier League.

Luka Milivojevic, Crystal Palace – £6.5m

A controversial pick for this list which many FPL managers may disagree with. Yes, Luka Milivojevic is Crystal Palace’s penalty taker but that is also where a lot of his points came from. Milivojevic took 8 out of 10 of Crystal Palace’s penalties last season of which he scored 7. Had Crystal Palace had the average amount of penalties last season then they would have had four. Given the same ratio and for the purposes of the average we’ll say Milivojevic scored 3.5 out of the 4. Including bonus points potentially lost also this would take 27.5 points off his tally. At £6.5m he becomes a less attractive opposition when these points are deducted.

Scott Malone, Huddersfield – £4.0m

Scott Malone is a similar situation to Markus Suttner. Both are popular picks but there is little to no evidence they will be starting the season. This is perhaps even more prevalent for Malone. The former Fulham man was left in West Yorkshire for Huddersfield’s final pre-season games. He is rumored to be leaving the club in this transfer window which manager David Wagner didn’t quell. As a result he is almost certain not to start Huddersfield’s opening game. He is currently one of the more popular players in defence picked by a massive 15.5% of FPL managers.

Gabriel Jesus, Man City – £10.5m

Gabriel Jesus is only picked by 3.0% of FPL managers but he is worth highlighting. £10.5m is a lot of money for a forward that will rarely play 90 minutes and appears to be second choice behind Sergio Aguero. Interestingly Jesus’s points per match per £m ratio is the worst in Fantasy Premier League. This is undoubtedly due to limited minutes and substitute appearances but nonetheless this is a factor that will likely continue in the 2018/19 season. We would ignore him unless he becomes a firm starter over Aguero or if the Argentinian gets injured.

Other Popular Players NOT To Pick?

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