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Predicting the FPL Double Gameweek Fixtures for GW36 and GW37

Fantasy Premier League GW36 and GW37 will be a double gameweek. The fixtures for each have yet to be confirmed, though.

Luckily we know the fixtures that have yet to be rearranged, so we can have a good go at putting the puzzle together.

Update: DGW36 and DGW37 has now been confirmed.

Fixtures Needing to be Rescheduled

The following fixtures have yet to be rescheduled:

  • Aston Villa vs Burnley
  • Chelsea vs Leicester
  • Everton vs Crystal Palace
  • Leicester vs Norwich
  • Tottenham vs Arsenal
  • Watford vs Everton
  • Leeds vs Chelsea
  • Wolves vs Man City
  • Aston Villa vs Liverpool

Furthermore, we’re going to assume that there will be no postponements in GW37. This is because Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City will have their original GW37 fixture moved to midweek should they reach the FA Cup final.


  • ARSENAL: Leeds (H) and Tottenham (a)
  • ASTON VILLA: Burnley (a) and Liverpool (H)
  • BRENTFORD: Southampton (H)
  • BRIGHTON: Man Utd (H)
  • BURNLEY: Aston Villa (H)
  • CHELSEA: Wolves (H) and Leicester (H)
  • CRYSTAL PALACE: Watford (H) and Everton (a)
  • EVERTON: Leicester (a) and Crystal Palace (H)
  • LEEDS: Arsenal (a)
  • LEICESTER: Everton (H) and Chelsea (a)
  • LIVERPOOL: Tottenham (H) and Aston Villa (a)
  • MAN CITY: Newcastle (H) and Wolves (a)
  • MAN UTD: Brighton (a)
  • NEWCASTLE: Man City (a)
  • NORWICH: West Ham (H)
  • SOUTHAMPTON: Brentford (a)
  • TOTTENHAM: Liverpool (a) and Arsenal (H)
  • WATFORD: Crystal Palace (a)
  • WEST HAM: Norwich (a)
  • WOLVES: Chelsea (a) and Man City (H)

You can check out our FPL fixture difficulty rating matrix for all officially scheduled fixtures.


  • ARSENAL: Newcastle (a)
  • ASTON VILLA: Crystal Palace (H) and Burnley (a)
  • BRENTFORD: Everton (a)
  • BRIGHTON: Leeds (a)
  • BURNLEY: Tottenham (a) and Aston Villa (a)
  • CHELSEA: Man Utd (a) and Leeds (a)
  • CRYSTAL PALACE: Aston Villa (a)
  • EVERTON: Brentford (H) and Watford (a)
  • LEEDS: Brighton (H) and Chelsea (H)
  • LEICESTER: Watford (a) and Norwich (H)
  • LIVERPOOL: Southampton (a)
  • MAN CITY: West Ham (a)
  • MAN UTD: Chelsea (H)
  • NEWCASTLE: Arsenal (H)
  • NORWICH: Wolves (a) and Leicester (a)
  • SOUTHAMPTON: Liverpool (H)
  • TOTTENHAM: Burnley (H)
  • WATFORD: Leicester (H) and Everton (H)
  • WEST HAM: Man City (H)
  • WOLVES: Norwich (H)

It should be noted that some fixtures could be rearranged for GW34 or GW35 as the midweek of these are reserved for Champions League and Europa League.

As a result, any of Aston Villa vs Burnley, Everton vs Crystal Palace, Tottenham vs Arsenal or Watford vs Everton has the potential to move here instead.

There are still a lot of factors in play but the above predictions for the anticipated doubles in GW36 and GW37 seems as likely as any.