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Premier League xG (Expected Goals), xA, xG per 90 – Live Table

xG (expected goals) and xA (expected assists) are the latest ‘in-fashion’ statistics in FPL analysis.

xG, xA and xG per 90 Player Stats Premier League – Live Table

So here is every player’s xG and xA from the Premier League. The stats are live and are based on the 2022/23 Premier League season.

The table also shows xGI, xG per 90, xA per 90, and xGI per 90. This information can prove useful when looking at players that have been injured or even out of favour.

Additionally, you can filter the team, position, price, and ownership columns to narrow down your search.

Furthermore, we have now added the ability to filter all data in the below table by the last 1 through to 6 GWs.

PlayerTeamPosGoalsAssistsxGxAxGIxG90xA90xGI90xGxAxGIxG90xA90xGI90xGxAxGIxG90xA90xGI90xGxAxGIxG90xA90xGI90xGxAxGIxG90xA90xGI90xGxAxGIxG90xA90xGI90xGxAxGIxG90xA90xGI90PointsPricePick %

What is xG (Expected Goals)?

In football, xG means expected goals. It is a statistic, as the name suggests, used to determine the expected number of goals a player or team should have scored.

In Fantasy Premier League terms we can also look at expected points. Use our FPL Points Predictor tool, which is free, to check out who's expected to score the most points (updated before every gameweek).

What is xGI?

xGI is short for expected goal involvement. It combines xG and xA meaning xGI = xG + xA.

How is xG Calculated?

xG is calculated using numerous factors. The player's distance from goal, type of shot, quality of the pass (and more) are all considered.

An easy way to look at xG is if that particular situation happened 100 times, how often would the player/team score.

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For example, a 25-yard shot might be given an xG of 0.05 (a 5% chance of scoring) whereas an open goal in the 6 yard box 0.95 (a 95% chance of scoring).

The same applies to xA (expected assists), whereby when the proposed assister passes/crosses the ball how frequently it would result in a goal.

FPL xG Stats

With stats being such an integral part of Fantasy Premier League, xG and xA are becoming increasingly important metrics.

Some FPL managers even prefer using them ahead of traditional goal, assist, and shots on target statistics.

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The above table shows goal, assist, xG, xA, and their differences for every Premier League player. This will enable you to make more informed decisions as to who are the best players for your FPL team.

It's important to note that xG doesn't take into account the finishing ability of a player.

So, Harry Kane, Jorginho, and Harry Maguire will all have the same xG should they get into the same positions.