Set Piece Takers

Here are all the set piece takers for all 20 Premier League teams. These include each team’s penalty taker, free kick taker and corner kick taker.

Updated: 09/08/19


We all know the difference set piece takers make to Fantasy Premier League teams. They play an important role in the decision making process behind fantasy teams.

VAR To Bring More Penalties?

Penalties could play an even more important role in Fantasy Premier League 2019/20 as this will see the introduction of VAR. Logically it would make sense for this to result in more penalties but leagues across Europe have experienced mixed results.

2018/19 Season

103 penalties were awarded in 2018/19 with 84 of them scored, according to Transfermarkt. This means just under 80% were converted.

Man Utd were awarded the most but having only scored 75% of them, it was Crystal Palace who scored the most with 11.

Watford were only awarded one penalty all season while, notably, Liverpool scored all 7 of theirs.

2017/18 Season

The 2017/18 only saw 80 penalties given. Only 56 of these were scored. This means the penalty success rate was 70%, a drop compared to previous seasons. Luka Milivojevic lead the way with 7 successful penalties whilst Jamie Vardy came in second place with 5 converted spot kicks.

2016/17 Season

In the 2016/17 there were 106 penalty kicks in the Premier League, 81 of which were scored. That’s a 76.4% success rate. James Milner and Harry Kane scored 8 and 6 penalties respectively. That’s a difference of 40 and 24 points before you take into account any bonus points.


Combine these set piece takers information with our Fixture Analysis Difficulty Matrix to have the best preparation for FPL.