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Is it Time to Sell Aguero in FPL?

Aguero No Longer the FPL King

The emergence of Gabriel Jesus and questions surrounding Sergio Aguero’s relationship with Man City manager Pep Guardiola have raised questions about Aguero’s value in FPL. Jesus, at least in the short term, seems to have ousted Aguero from the Man City starting 11. On top of this Guardiola has already demoted Aguero to the bench a couple of times this season previous to this. We are going to assess whether it is time to sell Aguero in FPL.

Reasons to Sell Aguero

Jesus isn’t going anywhere

Aguero is far from the FPL necessity he was last season. The aforementioned Jesus has not only ousted Aguero from the team in the last two games but has scored three times on his way to two excellent performances. Moreover, he has brought energy to the team which many have criticized Man City for missing. It is safe to say Jesus is likely to be a regular starter going forward. As a result, this means for Aguero to start in the Man City team on a regular basis Guardiola will need to incorporate the both of them.

Guardiola and Aguero aren’t Friends?

Whilst the relationship between Guardiola and Aguero is speculation at this point it seems they definitely aren’t the best of friends. Even before the emergence of Jesus, Guardiola had dropped Aguero out of the blue a couple of times. It could be possible that Guardiola will limit Aguero’s game time.

Aguero Not on Penalties

Yaya Toure has replaced Aguero on penalty taking duties. Unless Yaya Toure isn’t on the pitch it doesn’t look like Aguero will be taking penalties anytime soon, he may not even be second choice. Aguero missed 5 penalties in 2016.

Aguero Price Drop

Aguero has already dropped to £12.7m due to FPL managers selling him. Currently picked by 17.8% of FPL managers this figure, and therefore price, is only likely to decrease further.

Reasons to Keep Aguero

Best Goals per Minute

FPL managers shouldn’t forget that Aguero has the best goals per minute ratio in Premier League history (minimum of 20 goals). His goal every 109 minutes surpasses legends such as Thierry Henry and Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

A Rested Aguero

Aguero playing few minutes means a well rested Aguero. This has the potential to result in him being as sharp as ever if/when he gets back in the team.

Differential Pick

It is unthinkable that Aguero could ever be thought of as a differential but he may become just that if his pick percentage continues to fall. For FPL managers lower down their leagues he might be a worthwhile risk.

Double Gameweek

Everyone loves a Double Gameweek and Man City are guaranteed one this season. Even the most naive of FPL managers know that Aguero on a Double Gameweek could be a game changer.

FFP Decision

Aguero is not likely to get many minutes in the short term. This, combined with Aguero’s inevitable further price drop and not taking penalties means he should definitely be sold. Keep an eye on him for later in the season because he could be the difference between a successful and failed FPL season. In conclusion yes, it is time to sell Aguero!

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