UCL Fantasy – Budget and Boosters Strategy

As previously discussed in our What is UCL Fantasy article, there are some important differences between the Champions League game and Fantasy Premier League.

While budget constraints and the funds you need to assign to each position are similar, the boosters (or chips) that are available require a different approach.

As there are less rounds in UCL Fantasy and more teams to pick from, the wildcard should played differently. In addition to that, there is also the limitless one-off wildcard to consider.

Budget Strategy

Firstly, let’s look at where to spend your €100m. In the group stage, you’re given €100m to start building your squad and an additional €5m is added to that after MD6, making the total money available after MD6 €105m. To simplify:

  • Group Stage Budget: 100M
  • Knockout Budget: 105M

The team building strategy that we’re going with is one where we pick:

  • 2 Budget GK’s (€10m in total)
  • 4 Budget DEF’s and 1 Premium DEF (€25m)
  • 2 Premium MID’s and 3 Budget MID’s (€40m in total)
  • 1 Premium FWD and 2 Budget FWD’s (€25m in total)

Players who score well will see their prices rise by €0.1m and €0.2m based on their form in the UCL Fantasy game. Therefore, if you have in-form players, your budget is likely to be higher than others!

When to Play The Boosters

We are permitted to use 2 boosters – Limitless and a Wildcard. We also have a period of unlimited free transfers between MD6 and MD7. We’re electing to go with the strategy of using both our wildcards before MD7 since there is a whole crop of players in 32 teams to pick from, rather than waiting until there are fewer teams in the tournament.

  • Pick a team with just MD1 in mind and go all out on the easiest MD1 fixtures.
  • Use the normal WC in MD2 and pick this team with MD2 and MD3 in mind.
  • Use the Limitless around MD4/5 when teams are going all out to top their groups and we see the most number of goals on a usual basis.

Unlike Fantasy Premier League, transfers are plentiful in the knockout stages, so you’ll be able to rearrange your team with greater ease.

You can use your budget as you see fit, we all know the points the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo can provide, but this is one suggestion. Using the boosters at the appropriate time requires a bit of luck but if you pay attention to the fixtures, you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

I’m a sports and business student with a background in making Fantasy games myself. Ranked in the top 10k of UCL Fantasy last year which was my first year of playing! Twitter: @UCLFantasyGuide and @IamHarshChauhan