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UCL Fantasy: Champions League Player Stats – Live Data

Champions League fantasy, more commonly referred to as UCL Fantasy, shares the same principle as other fantasy football games. That is pick the players to get you the most points.

Of course, there’s a lot more to UCL Fantasy than that but this is the core premise.

Unlike FPL, with the Champions League being contested by 32 teams, there are a lot more players to choose from. This complicates things somewhat and as a result it can be harder to finalise your team and make transfers.

Due to this we have created our own live table which allows you to filter all through every single UCL Fantasy player, which can be found below.

UCL Fantasy Player Data – Live Table


The above table shows the following for all 32 club's players:

  • Team
  • Position
  • Price
  • Pick %
  • Points total
  • Captaincy pick %

There are also filter options at the bottom of specific columns.

Additionally, you can sort the table by any column of your choosing by simply clicking the heading. By default it is sorted by pick %.

Furthermore, the data in the table reflects that from the latest Matchday meaning you don't have to worry about it being old.

The current points total shows last seasons point tallies and will then change to this season when Matchday 1 kicks off.

The captain pick % column shows what percentage of managers have captained that particular player. Consequently, most players will show 0% because there are very few players in the scheme of the game that will get 1% captaincy pick in a given Matchday.

Generally speaking the best UCL Fantasy players will be the ones with the highest pick percentage. However, as we can see with N'Golo Kante, this rule doesn't always hold true.

This shows while this particular metric can be used as an indication, it is also wise to scour the table to look for good differentials as well.

You can supplement this information with our UCL Fantasy Fixture Difficulty Table to ensure you are making the most educated decisions as to which the best players are for your team.