What is UCL Fantasy and how does it work?

While we’re all busy editing our Fantasy Premier League teams, it’s time to also check out the latest fantasy release on the block: UCL Fantasy 2019/20.

It is part of the official UCL Gaming Hub application and website. You can build your own team at: https://gaming.uefa.com/en/uclfantasy 

Why should I be playing it?

The official UCL Fantasy game provides users with a chance to create a team of 15 players from the teams playing in the UEFA Champions League.

While Fantasy Premier League is more popular and keeps a lot of users busy, UCL Fantasy is a great way to enjoy fantasy football, worrying about fewer gameweeks (or Matchdays as they call it) and test your knowledge of clubs across football’s premium competition.

UCL Fantasy Team Lineup

Differences between UCL Fantasy and FPL?

Unsurprisingly, the core concept of the game remains the same – pick players who will perform well and earn points as a result of that.

However, there are some important differences between the two. Firstly, manual substitutions are an essential part of the game which simply cannot be ignored. They allow you to substitute players who perform poorly on the Tuesday and replace them with a player yet to play from a Wednesday game.

The same applies to captains whereby you should captain someone from the first night and if they don’t do as well you hoped, you can have a second chance on the second night. Of course, the double points from your first captain will be wiped.

There are also some small differences in how points are scored which is explained below.

What’s new?

The UCL Fantasy team comes up with enhancements to their applications and websites every year and this year brings some exciting changes to the rules, as well as some added features to their game.

Rule Changes:

  • Points for goals scored from outside the box (+1): Now players that score from outside the box will get 1 extra point which adds incentives to spend well on some midfield maestros from the teams in Europe.
  • Points for balls recovered (+1 for every 3 balls recovered): To add another incentive for getting some strong defenders or even defensive midfielders, we’re now being given 1 extra point for every 3 successful balls recovered by a player.

Enhanced Features:

  • After playing around with the application, the team has enhanced the player picking process and made quite a few changes to enhance the Manage Team experience for a user.

Can I win prizes?

Yes, there’s a host of amazing prizes to be won for the people living within UEFA member nations:

  • Group Stage Winner (MD1-6): PS4 Pro Console, 12 Month PS+ Membership, EA Sports FIFA 20
  • Grand Prize Winner (MD1-10): 2 tickets to the UCL Final in Istanbul with flights and accommodation, PS4 Pro Console, 12 Month PS+ Membership, EA Sports FIFA 20, Playstation FC replica shirt
  • Season Winner (MD1-13):  PS4 Pro console, DualShock 4 wireless controller, 12 Month PS+ Membership, EA SPORTS FIFA 20, PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera, PlayStation FC replica shirt

Remember the transfer deadline and the beginning of this season’s UCL Fantasy campaign is at 17:55 BST, September 17.

I’m a sports and business student with a background in making Fantasy games myself. Ranked in the top 10k of UCL Fantasy last year which was my first year of playing! Twitter: @UCLFantasyGuide and @IamHarshChauhan