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When Does FPL 2024/25 Start?

FPL is expected to go live around Wednesday, July 10th, 2024.

This would give managers 5 and a half weeks (39 days) of preparation as the Premier League begins on August 17th, 2024.

However, the time between FPL going live and the start of the Premier League season has varied over the years.

That’s why we can’t be certain when the game will go live. Also, if Fantasy Premier League are working on something different for this season, that could change how promptly they can make the game live.

Here’s when FPL went live in previous seasons in relation to the first match of that season:

Season FPL Live DatePL StartDifference
2023/24July 5thAugust 11th38 days
2022/23July 5thAugust 5th32 days
2021/22June 22ndAugust 13th53 days
2020/21August 15thSeptember 12th29 days
2019/20June 27thAugust 9th44 days
2018/19July 5thAugust 10th37 days

Based on the above, the 2024/25 Fantasy Premier League game could go live anytime between June 26th and July 20th.

But, given that 4 of the last 6 seasons have seen FPL go live between 29 and 38 days before the first Premier League kick off, we shorten that range to July 11th to July 20th.

There is also EURO 2024 to consider which could encourage those at FPL towers to release the game a little later than usual.

When Are the Premier League 2024/25 Fixtures Released?

The 2024/25 Premier League fixtures will be released on Tuesday, June 18th at 9am BST.

This will show every fixture, from GW1 to GW38.

When they are released, our fixture difficulty rating chart will be available shortly after.