UCL Fantasy Limitless Wildcard: When to use? 2021/22

The Limitless Wildcard is an integral part of Champions League fantasy football. With only 13 Matchdays, utilising this booster (chip) to the maximum is essential.

For those of you who don’t know, the Limitless Wildcard allows you to make unlimited transfers.

Unlike the traditional Wildcard the Limitless has an unlimited budget and any transfers made will only apply for the Matchday you use it. Following that Matchday, all transfers will revert back to what they were before using the chip.

With an unlimited budget at your disposal it is easy to pick the best players. However, determining who the best players are isn’t as easy as it seems.

You’d think the best players are the most expensive and generally this is true. With a Limitless Wildcard though, you’re targeting just one Matchday which is why fixtures are so important.

Therefore, you need to target the most expensive/in form players that have the best fixtures.

Luckily during the Champions League group stages there are many instances where teams are heavy favourites over another. That is why it’s strongly advised to use your Limitless during the group stage.

When to use Limitless Wildcard?

The best times to use your Champions League Limitless Wildcard in 2021/22 is in MD2 or MD4.

The 2021/22 Champions League is particularly interesting when it comes to using the Limitless Wildcard. There has been fairly obvious times to use it in previous seasons but 21/22 is far less so.

Nevertheless, we detail the best times to use your UCL Fantasy Limitless Wildcard below.


  • Ajax vs Besiktas
  • Atalanta vs Young Boys
  • Bayern Munich vs Dynamo Kiev
  • Dortmund vs Sporting
  • Man Utd vs Villarreal
  • Real Madrid vs Sheriff

In all of the above Champions League MD2 fixtures the home team has at least a 63% chance of winning, i.e. they are heavy favourites.


This presents an excellent opportunity to make the most out of Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski. After all, it is very difficult to have all three of these otherwise.

Behind Bayern Munich, Real Madrid are the most likely team to pick up a win in MD2. This makes Karim Benzema is another great option, especially with the form he is in.

There’s also the likes of Lautaro Martinez and Sebastien Haller as options but with the aforementioned four forwards it seems sub-optimal to select these on a Limitless.


Moving to midfield, there are a few players which come to mind straight away. These are Bruno Fernandes, Leroy Sane, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. The Liverpool contingent are away to Porto but are expected to win the game, so don’t be deterred by this fixture.

Other players you should consider in your midfield are Christopher Nkunku, Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale, Jude Bellingham and Paul Pogba.

Hazard and Bale didn’t feature in MD1, so be careful if picking them. Fortunately though, we will know Man Utd’s lineup against Villarreal before the deadline, which is something to take advantage of.


With price being no obstacle, there are plenty of premium defenders to have your choice of.

Joshua Kimmich is a must have. He is listed as a defender but starts in the Bayern Munich midfield. In a game where they are expected to score several, and keep a clean sheet, he simply can’t be turned up.

Elsewhere, there are several tantalising left backs to choose from – Alphonso Davies, Andrew Robertson, David Alaba, Luke Shaw, Raphael Guerreiro and Robin Gosens.

All have the potential of attacking returns but you’ll need to make sure to keep your selections to just three per team.

Finally, there is Trent Alexander-Arnold. The right back already has 3 assists in 5 games this season.

He also provided 8 assists in the Premier League last season, which by his standards of 15 and 13 the seasons before, was relatively low. Consequently, unless Liverpool are playing one of the Champions League favourites, he simply has to be included.


  • Bayern Munich vs Benfica
  • Juventus vs Zenit
  • Leipzig vs PSG
  • Malmo vs Chelsea
  • Man City vs Club Brugge
  • Real Madrid vs Shakhtar Donetsk

It should be noted that MD4 is a reversal of the MD3 fixtures. Therefore, the above fixtures apply to MD3 but the home teams will be away and vice-versa.

We have decided to highlight MD4 instead because the fixtures seem slightly more favourable to use the Limitless.

However, that doesn’t mean the below players won’t perform better in MD3. Furthermore, where MD3 seems slightly worse on paper, this might present somewhat of a differential opportunity to use the Limitless as less UCL Fantasy managers will be doing so.

It could also be argued MD3 is a better time to use it because Champions League lineups will be more predictable. As MD3, and MD4, are still several weeks away though, it is hard to know what the landscape will be at that time.

All of the previously discussed players from Bayern Munich and Real Madrid will apply to the below.


Alvaro Morata and Paulo Dybala are the Juventus options. The Argentine might have the edge because he is on penalties and played more minutes in their first game.

The above may just be side thoughts though, as it would be tough to pick them over Romelu Lukaku who has carried his Serie A form into a Chelsea shirt.

Then there is the infamous front three for PSG – Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi and Neymar. All three of these are justifiable picks. It’s somewhat of a lottery picking the best performer of these as any of them could return double-digit points.

The forward picks for a Limitless in MD2 are far more clear than MD4 as there are a lot of options. It will be more a case of who you don’t get than who you do in Matchday 4.

Haaland and Lewandowski might not have the easiest fixtures but both are arguably must-haves again.

Assuming you’re not going the differential route at this point, that leaves one of Lukaku, Mbappe, Messi, Neymar or Ronaldo.


This is where Man City players come to the forefront. Naturally Pep roulette is always something to be concerned about, but that aside it looks like Jack Grealish and Kevin De Bruyne are the Citizens best assets.

Raheem Sterling and Riyad Mahrez are also good options and can haul in any appearance. On current evidence they seem less likely to start. However, MD4 is still over a month away and therefore form and injuries could see this change.

The other midfielder that should be on your radar from the selected fixtures is Kai Havertz. With such a big Chelsea squad there are no guaranteed starters but luckily the Blues kick off early which means we get to see their lineup ahead of the transfer deadline.

Elsewhere, Liverpool host Atletico Madrid. This is of course a tough fixture, especially with Atletico’s defence prowess.

Even so, the likes of Mane and Salah remain top options. Based on the midfielders to choose from in MD4, based on fixtures, we’d still have the Egyptian selected.


The best premium defenders to select for MD4 look to be Achraf Hakimi, Alex Sandro, Joao Cancelo, Marcos Alonso and Reece James.

Again though, not all will be guaranteed to start so you’ll need to survey the landscape at the time.

Should they start, there aren’t too many better options – all are capable of attacking points.

With that said, despite the Atletico fixture, Alexander-Arnold can’t really be excluded when playing at Anfield.

MD5 and MD6

MD5 is a reversal of MD2 where most of the best teams from there will be playing away instead. Consequently, at least on paper, this seems a worse time to use the Limitless.

MD6 often finds a lot of the qualified teams, especially if top, rotating their side. Therefore, it becomes much harder to predict lineups and the intensity is often lacking.

The upside, should you want to use your Limitless in either of these Matchdays, is that theoretically not many other managers will be. So, if you can select the right players, it provides an opportunity to really outperform other teams.

What about the ‘Normal’ Wildcard?

While the Limitless variant attacks just one Matchday, the traditional Wildcard should be used to set up your team for a few Matchdays.

There are two things to note early here though. Firstly, you get two transfers between Matchdays and secondly you get unlimited transfers between the Champions League group and knockout stages.

Therefore, it would make sense to use your Wildcard in MD3, if you are using your Limitless in MD2. Conversely, if you are using the Limitless later on – MD4 or later – then you could use a Wildcard for MD2.

There is no set best time to use it and it depends on your Limitless and how your team is looking now.

Another strategy is to save your traditional Wildcard for the knockout stages. There are naturally less ‘easy’ fixtures to take advantage of but it does give you a get out of jail free card should it look like the bulk of your players are going to be eliminated.

This isn’t a strategy agree with as there is greater upside to using it in the group stage where there is a greater quality gap between teams.

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