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UCL Fantasy Limitless Wildcard: When to use? 2023/24

The Limitless Wildcard is an integral part of Champions League fantasy football.

With only 13 Matchdays, using this chip at the optimal time is essential.

For those of you who don’t know, the Limitless Wildcard allows you to make unlimited transfers.

Unlike the traditional Wildcard, the Limitless has an unlimited budget and any transfers made will only apply to the Matchday you use it.

Following that Matchday, all transfers will revert back to what they were before using the chip.

With an unlimited budget at your disposal, it is easy to pick the best players. However, determining who the best players are isn’t as easy as it seems.

You’d think the best players are the most expensive and generally this is true. With a Limitless Wildcard though, you’re targeting just one Matchday which is why fixtures are so important.

Therefore, you need to target the most expensive/in-form players that have the best fixtures.

Luckily during the Champions League group stages, there are many instances where teams are heavy favourites over others. That is why it’s strongly advised to use your Limitless during the group stage.

If you’re looking for a more basic overview of UCL Fantasy, check out our how to play Champions League fantasy football guide.

When to Use Limitless Wildcard?

The best time to use your Champions League Limitless Wildcard chip is in MD4.

The next best option appears to be MD3, the reverse fixtures of MD4.

An alternative strategy is to go with MD5 which we’ll explain further in the section below.

In other Champions League campaigns, there were more opportunities to use your Limitless.

However, given how some groups are wide apart in terms of quality and others are highly competitive, the best fixtures to target are clearly in MD3 and MD4.

There has been talk in the UCL Fantasy community about using it in MD2. The reason for this is the big teams are playing away from home.

This means you’d be using your Limitless to avoid away fixtures and, unfortunately, target players of weaker teams.

It’s a viable strategy that will give you an advantage if it comes off (few other managers will be doing it) but in our opinion, it isn’t the optimal time.

Some UCL Fantasy managers might be tempted by using it in MD6 but this isn’t something we’d advise.

Primarily this is because there is usually a lot of rotation in the final group stage games where some teams have already qualified or won the group.

Another alternative we’d strongly not recommend is using your Limitless ‘booster’ in the knock-out stages.

This is because the weakest teams in the Champions League will all but certainly be eliminated.


  • Atletico Madrid vs Celtic
  • Bayern Munich vs Galatasaray
  • Copenhagen vs Man Utd
  • Crvena Zvezda vs Leipzig
  • Man City vs Young Boys
  • Napoli vs Union Berlin
  • Porto vs Antwerp
  • Real Madrid vs Braga
  • Shakhtar Donetsk vs Barcelona

For a full list of each team’s chances of getting a clean sheet and all the most likely goalscorers, check out our Champions League cheat sheet. This page is updated ahead of every matchday.

There are some enticing fixtures in MD4, namely the fixtures with the bolded teams.

All of the above fixtures are viable to target but Bayern Munich, Man City, and Real Madrid (all at home) are the ones that should be prioritised.


  • Antwerp vs Porto
  • Barcelona vs Shakhtar Donetsk
  • Braga vs Real Madrid
  • Benfica vs Real Sociedad
  • Galatasaray vs Bayern Munich
  • Inter Milan vs Salzburg
  • Leipzig vs Crvena Zvezda
  • Man Utd vs Copenhagen
  • Young Boys vs Man City

Although MD3 is a reverse of MD4, it’s clear the fixtures aren’t quite as good.

There is one upside to using your Limitless in MD3, though, and that’s most UCL Fantasy managers will be doing it in MD4.

So, if players underperform in MD4 and you can get a bit of luck in MD3, then there is a lot of rank to be gained.


  • Arsenal vs Lens
  • Bayern Munich vs Copenhagen
  • Lazio vs Celtic
  • Man City vs Leipzig
  • PSG vs Newcastle

Using your Limitless in MD5, would be the obvious choice should you use the standard Wildcard in MD3.

When to Use ‘Normal’ Wildcard?

MD3 is the best time to use your standard Wildcard chip, assuming you are going with the Limitless in MD5.

Conversely, you should use it in MD5, if you opted to use your Limitless before that.

While the Limitless variant attacks just one matchday, the traditional Wildcard should be used to set up your team for at least a couple of matchdays.

It’s important to note at the end of MD6, ahead of the knock-out stages, you get unlimited transfers anyway.

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Another strategy is to save your traditional Wildcard for the knockout stages.

There are naturally less ‘easy’ fixtures to take advantage of but it does give you a get-out-of-jail-free card should it look like the bulk of your players are going to be eliminated.

This isn’t a strategy we agree with as there is greater upside to using it in the group stage where there is a greater quality gap between teams.